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transitive verb
1. to go through, to pierce (atravesar)
  • traspasar la puerta to go through the doorway
  • traspasar una valla saltando to jump over a fence
  • la tinta traspasó el papel the ink soaked through the paper
2. to transfer (transferir) (jugador); to sell (as a going concern) (negocio)
  • se traspasa (negocio) (business) for sale (en cartel)
3. to move (desplazar)
4. to go beyond (exceder)
transitive verb
1 (penetrar) to pierce; go through; penetrate; [+líquido] to go/come through; soak through
la bala le traspasó el pulmón the bullet pierced his lung; traspasar a algn con una espada to run sb through with a sword
2 [+dolor] to pierce; go right through
un ruido que traspasa el oído an ear-splitting noise; el grito me traspasó the yell went right through me; la escena me traspasó el corazón the scene pierced me to the core
3 [+calle] to cross over
4 [+límites] to go beyond; overstep
esto traspasa los límites de lo tolerable
esto traspasa los límites de lo aceptable this goes beyond what is acceptable; traspasar la barrera del sonido to break the sound barrier
5 [+ley, norma] to break; infringe
6 [+propiedad] (transferir) to transfer; (vender) to sell; make over; (Jur) to convey
"se traspasa negocio" "business for sale"
7 (Dep) [+jugador] to transfer
8 (Política) [+poderes, competencias] to devolve
cuando se traspasaron las competencias de Tráfico a la Generalitat Si solo se traspasan competencias, pero no los recursos para gestionarlas, no sirve de nada
pronominal verb
traspasarse to go too far; overstep the mark
Verb Conjugations for traspasar
Gerund: traspasando
Participle: traspasado
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