Trash in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation and Dictionary
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1. bazofia (f) basura (f) (worthless objects); basura (f) (refuse) (Estados Unidos)
  • that book/film is a load of trash (familiar) ese libro/esa película es pura bazofia
  • trash can cubo (m) de la basura (Estados Unidos)
transitive verb
2. destrozar (familiar) (vandalize)
trash [træʃ] (US)
1 (rubbish) basura (f); desperdicios (m)
2 tonterías (f); babosadas (f); (LAm)
the book is trash el libro es una basura; he talks a lot of trash no dice más que tonterías; trash! ¡tonterías!
3 (people)
(human) trash gente (f) inútil; gentuza (f)
transitive verb
1 (wreck) hacer polvo (informal); destrozar
Would they trash the place when the party was over? The building had been trashed and its electricity supply cut
2 (criticize) [+person] poner verde (informal); [+ideas] poner por los suelos
People asked why the candidates spent so much time trashing each other
trash can (n) cubo (m) de la basura; bote (m) de la basura; tarro (m) de la basura; (LAm)
trash heap (n) basurero (m)
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