transitive verb
1. (to haul) 
a. to transport 
Los rebeldes capturaron un camión que transportaba armas y municiones.The rebels captured a truck that was transporting weapons and ammunition.
b. to carry 
Un barco que transportaba petróleo chocó contra un iceberg y se hundió.A ship that was carrying oil collided with an iceberg and sunk.
c. to ship 
La empresa transportará la mercadería a Dinamarca la semana que viene.The company will ship the merchandise to Denmark next week.
2. (electronics) 
a. to transmit 
Los cables de cobre transportan electricidad.The copper wires transmit electricity.
3. (music) 
a. to transpose 
Transporté la canción a Fa para que me sea más fácil cantar.I transposed the song to the key of F so it'll be easier for me to sing.
4. (figurative) (to carry away) 
a. to take back 
Escuché a dos alemanes hablando, lo que me transportó a los años que pasé viviendo en Berlín.I heard two Germans talking, which took me back to the years that I spent living in Berlin.
b. to transport back (figurative) 
El olor a canela me transportó a la Navidad pasada.The smell of cinnamon transported me back to last Christmas.
5. (to enthrall) 
a. to captivate 
La película era interesante y me transportó.The movie was interesting and captivated me.
b. to mesmerize (United States) 
La hermosa música me transportó y me hizo llorar.The beautiful music mesmerized me and brought me to tears.
c. to mesmerise (United Kingdom) 
La cantante de ópera transportó a los espectadores con su bella voz.The opera singer mesmerised the audience with her lovely voice.
pronominal verb
6. (figurative) (to be captivated) 
a. to be enraptured 
Me transporté cuando el pianista comenzó a tocar la sonata.I was enraptured when the pianist began playing the sonata.
b. to go into raptures 
El niño se transportó cuando comenzó la película.The child went into raptures when the movie began.
c. to be transported (figurative) 
Pamela se transportó con la música y comenzó a bailar.Pamela was transported by the music and she began dancing.
transitive verb
1. (trasladar) 
a. to transport 
transportaba una maleta en cada manohe was carrying a suitcase in each hand
esta música me transporta a la infanciathis music takes me back to my childhood
2. (embelesar) 
a. to captivate 
pronominal verb
3. (embelesarse) 
a. to go into raptures 
transitive verb
1 [+tropas, mercancías] (gen) to transport; (en barco) to ship
transportan el ganado por ferrocarril the livestock is transported by rail; el camión transportaba medicamentos the lorry was carrying medicines; el avión podrá transportar 100 pasajeros the plane will be able to carry 100 passengers; aquella música la transportaba a su adolescencia that music took her back o transported her to when she was a teenager
2 (Electricidad y Eléctronica) [+corriente] to transmit
3 (Música) to transpose
pronominal verb
transportarse (extasiarse) to be transported; be enraptured
Verb Conjugations for transportar
Gerund: transportando
Participle: transportado
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