transitive verb
1. (to relocate) 
a. transferir (money) 
I'll transfer you the money tomorrow.Mañana te transfiero el dinero.
b. traspasar (goods) 
We will transfer our house to our children.Les vamos a traspasar la casa a nuestros hijos.
c. trasladar (person) 
They will transfer the prisoner to a maximum security prison.Van a trasladar al prisionero a una prisión de máxima seguridad.
2. (to hand over responsibility or power) 
a. traspasar 
The president transferred his responsibilities to the vice president.El presidente le traspasó sus responsabilidades al vicepresidente.
3. (sports) 
a. traspasar 
The team transferred its best player.El equipo traspasó a su mejor jugador.
4. (to print) 
a. estampar 
We want to transfer the design to fabric.Queremos estampar el diseño en tela.
5. (to redirect a call) 
The secretary transferred my call.La secretaria transfirió mi llamada.
b. pasar 
I was transferred to Customer Services.Me pasaron con el departamento de atención al cliente.
intransitive verb
6. (to relocate) 
She transferred to Princeton University.Se trasladó a la universidad de Princeton.
He transferred to the advanced class.Fue trasladado a la clase de nivel avanzado.
7. (transport) 
I transferred at Toronto.Transbordé en Toronto.
It's a direct line, no need to transfer.Es línea directa, no hay que hacer transbordo.
8. (relocation) 
a. la transferencia (F) (of money) 
The bank made a big transfer.El banco hizo una gran transferencia.
b. el traslado (M) (of a person) 
Your transfer to Human Resources will be made at the beginning of the month.Tu traslado a Recursos Humanos se hará a principios de mes.
9. (sports) 
The transfer was convenient for the football team.El traspaso le convenía al equipo de fútbol.
10. (transport) 
They made a transfer in Miami.Hicieron transbordo en Miami.
11. (sticker) 
She's decorating my binder with transfers.Está decorando mi carpeta con calcomanías.
1. (move; of employee, department, prisoners) 
a. el traslado (M) 
2. (of money, funds) 
a. la transferencia (F) 
3. (of footballer) 
a. el traspaso (M) 
transfer of powertraspaso de poderes
4. (sport) 
a. no direct translation 
transfer fee(ficha de) traspaso m
5. (sport) 
a. no direct translation 
to be on the transfer listser transferible
transfer loungesala f de tránsito
transfer passengerspasajeros en tránsito
6. (computers) 
a. no direct translation 
transfer speedvelocidad de transmisión
7. (sticker) 
a. la calcomanía (F) 
transitive verb
8. (employee, department, prisoners) 
a. trasladar 
9. (funds) 
a. transferir 
10. (footballer, power) 
a. traspasar 
11. (attention, affection) 
a. trasladar 
intransitive verb
12. (within organization) 
a. trasladarse 
13. (between planes, trains) 
a. hacer transbordo 
transfer [ˈtrænsfəʳ]
1 (conveyance) traslado (m)
we will arrange the transfer of your medical records nos encargaremos del traslado de su historial médico
arrange for the transfer of medical records to your new doctor the transfer of prisoners There ought to be tighter control of\ the transfer of nuclear materials\ the transfer of labour from the countryside to the cities relief organisations arrange for the transfer of supplies by plane to drought areas some important papers, relating to the transfer of treasure to Russia, had disappeared
technology transfer transferencia (f) de tecnología
the Philippines needs capital and technology transfer there will be a transfer of technology from this country
2 (change) [of job] traslado (m); [of power] traspaso (m); [of vehicle] transbordo (m)
their policy includes the transfer of powers from central government to the municipalities he initially resisted his transfer to the political section a subsequent request for a transfer to another section was refused workers will be offered transfers to other locations the transfer of power from old to new regimes the transfer of authority from Madrid to the regional governments transfer of sovereignty
I've applied for a transfer to head office he solicitado el traslado a la oficina central
3 (Jur) (Economics) [of property] transmisión (f); traspaso (m); [of funds] transferencia (f)
The wife applied for an out and out transfer of the home into her sole name the judge ordered a transfer of the house to the wife the transfer of funds from one account to another transfers of property to an approved charitable organization
bank transfer transferencia (f) bancaria; direct transfer abono (m) en cuenta
many firms nowadays pay their employees' salaries by direct transfer into their bank accounts
transfer of ownership traspaso (m) de propiedad
4 (Dep) traspaso (m)
the fee is the highest for any transfer between British clubs no player can be forced to accept a transfer, he said
to ask for a transfer pedir el traspaso
stories that the Tottenham defender was about to ask for a transfer he was given a [free] transfer they refused/granted his transfer [request] the printer can be connected to a PC for the transfer of information he suggested that, for software given away free with PC magazines, you should format the disk and use it for data transfer
5 (picture) calcomanía (f)
transitive verb
1 (convey) [+object, person] trasladar;from de;to a;
transfer the chops to a serving dish pase las chuletas a una fuente; the train broke down and passengers were transferred to a bus el tren se averió y los pasajeros tuvieron que pasarse a un autobús; the disease can be transferred to humans la enfermedad puede transmitirse or contagiarse a seres humanos
the chance of the disease being transferred to humans is remote remove the wafers with a spoon and transfer them to a plate he transferred the rifle to his left hand and got out the packet a ratchet mechanism transfers the thread from spool to bobbin transfer mature plants into larger pots the Italian navy is being called in to provide landing craft to transfer the passengers ashore the chance of the disease being transferred to humans is remote
2 (relocate) [+person] trasladar;from de;to a; [+power] traspasar; [+allegiance] mudar
the company transferred her to another department la empresa la trasladó a otro departamento; to transfer one's affections to another dar su amor a otro
the secession agreement instructed all Malaysian officials in Singapore to transfer their allegiance to the Singapore Government Britain is not ready to transfer allegiance from Queen and country to some new fangled entity spreading out from Brussels I realized she'd transferred her love from me to you he transferred his loyalty from Bush to Reagan his fiancee has transferred her affections to an American serviceman some prison officials have already been transferred they transferred him from Highpoint prison one solution is to transfer more power to the presidency
3 (Jur) (Economics) [+property] traspasar; transmitir; [+funds] transferir
she transferred the house to her son's name puso la casa a nombre de su hijo; to transfer money from one account to another transferir dinero de una cuenta a otra
certain kinds of property are transferred automatically at death transferring money abroad can be expensive
4 (Dep) [+player] traspasar
he was transferred from Crystal Palace to Arsenal for £2.5 million
5 (copy) [+design] pasar; trasladar
the documents were transferred to microfilm los documentos se pasaron or se trasladaron a microfilm
systems to create film-quality computer effects and then transfer them to film trace around the template and \transfer the design onto a sheet of card\ the event was recorded on video and transferred to film
6 (Telec) [+call] pasar
please hold while I transfer you no cuelgue, que ahora mismo le paso; can you transfer me back to the switchboard? ¿puede volverme a pasar con la centralita?
a system that transfers calls so no one gets an engaged tone she had been put on hold, then transferred to make a transferred charge call
intransitive verb
1 (change) (from course, job) trasladarse; (from vehicle) hacer transbordo
he has transferred to another department se ha trasladado a otro departamento; I've transferred to a new pension scheme/course/school me he pasado a otro plan de pensiones/curso/colegio; she transferred from French to Spanish se cambió or se trasladó del curso de francés al de español; passengers transferred from a train to a bus los pasajeros hicieron transbordo del tren al autobús; we had to transfer to another coach tuvimos que pasarnos a otro autobús
the firm is transferring to Quito you have the option of transferring to the high-interest account they were being asked to transfer from an old-established pension fund to a newer one why do you want to transfer? what branch did you say you would like to transfer to? the person can transfer from wheelchair to seat with relative ease troops transferred from the destroyer to a landing craft the play transferred to Broadway
2 (Dep) [+player] ser traspasado; traspasarse
Wimbledon have produced some fine players who have transferred to bigger clubs for million pound fees a deal to allow Diego Maradona to transfer from Napoli to Seville was tentatively agreed
transfer fee (n) traspaso (m)
transfer list (n) lista (f) de posibles traspasos
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