1. (instruction) 
a. la formación (F) (labor) 
The green economy requires new workforce training.La economía verde requiere una nueva formación de la fuerza laboral.
b. la capacitación (F) (business) 
The sales manager will give the sales training via telephone.El gerente de ventas dará la capacitación de ventas por teléfono.
c. el adiestramiento (M) (skills) 
The firefighters have weekly training sessions.Los bomberos tienen sesiones de adiestramiento semanalmente.
2. (sports) 
She began her Olympic training six years ago.Comenzó su entrenamiento olímpico hace seis años.
3. (restoration to health) 
He goes to physical training once a week since the accident.Va a la rehabilitación física una vez por semana después de su accidente.
1. (for job) 
a. la formación (F) 
2. (in sport) 
a. el entrenamiento (M) 
to be in trainingestar entrenando
to be out of trainingestar desentrenado(a)
3. (military) 
a. no direct translation 
training campcampamento de instrucción
training coursecursillo de formación
training officerjefe(a) de formación
training [ˈtreɪnɪŋ]
1 (for job) formación (f); (Mil) instrucción (f); [of animals] (for task) adiestramiento (m); (to do tricks) amaestramiento (m); (teaching) enseñanza (f); instrucción (f); (period of training) aprendizaje (m); periodo (m) de formación
training will be provided se ofrece formación; she has no training or experience with children no tiene formación o experiencia con niños; she has no training as a nurse no tiene (el) título de enfermera
they received military training in Cuba the government is to invest more money in education and training it is a job that needs no special training nothing in my training had prepared me for this they need to improve the training of their sales personnel given his legal training, he acted as his own defense attorney the drill instructor had shouted it many times during their training the past winter an establishment for the training of army officers His powerful tenor voice reflects the musical training he received before entering the seminary During their training they learn to function in all the many aspects of psychiatric care # the wards, the clinics, the day hospitals and the community he was sent out to a new job in South America after three months language training what we need is better language training in our schools
staff training formación (f) de empleados
the bank is closed until 9.30 for staff training we have a comprehensive staff training programme he was an engineer [by] training
2 (Dep) entrenamiento (m)
he injured a knee during or in training se lesionó una rodilla durante el entrenamiento; to be in training for sth estar entrenando or entrenándose para algo
He jogged every morning and was in training for a local triathlon competition the physically very active including /athletes in training/ need extra vitamin D
to be out of training estar desentrenado or bajo de forma
training camp (n) (Mil) campo (m) de instrucción; campo (m) de entrenamiento
an IRA training camp in Libya
(Dep) lugar (m) de concentración
the England squad have set up their training camp here
training centre training center (US) (n) centro (m) de formación; centro (m) de capacitación
They are creating a management-training center in an old castle outside Budapest training centres and colleges which teach the disabled new skills Princess Anne visited a training centre for delinquent youngsters the Great Lakes Naval Training Center near Chicago
training college (n) escuela (f) de formación profesional; (for teachers) escuela (f) normal
training course (n) curso (m) de formación; curso (m) de capacitación
my office are sending me on a training course for managers
training flight (n) vuelo (m) de instrucción
the men who died had been taking part in a training flight from the CSE Aviation training school
training ground (n) (Mil) campo (m) de pruebas; (Dep) campo (m) de entrenamiento
the band was a training ground for future jazz giants la banda era como una especie de escuela para las futuras estrellas del jazz
26,000 people are packed into a huge training ground to watch Japan's armed forces on parade
training manual (n) manual (m) de instrucción
training scheme (n) plan (m) de formación profesional
training ship (n) buque (m) escuela
training shoes (n) zapatillas (f) de deporte


training [ˈtreinin]
trainings (plural)
1 (entrenamiento) training
2 (curso) training course
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