1. (path) 
I love to go running at sunrise on the trail in the woods. Me encanta salir a correr al amanecer en el sendero por el bosque.
b. la senda (F) 
Many pioneers traveled the Oregon Trail in the nineteenth century.Muchos pioneros viajaron por la Senda de Oregon en el siglo diecinueve.
c. el camino (M) 
She takes her horse out to the trail to run every day. Saca su caballo al camino a correr todos los días.
d. la pista (F) (for skiing) 
Before we went skiing every morning, we studied a map with the trails.Todas las mañanas, antes de salir a esquiar, estudiábamos un mapa con las pistas.
2. (trace) 
a. el rastro (M) 
The dogs followed the trail of the fox. Los perros siguieron el rastro del zorro.
b. la pista (F) 
Even though they have not caught the suspect, police say they are on his trail. Aunque no han alcanzado al sospechoso, la policía dice que está sobre su pista.
3. (wake) 
a. la estela (F) 
The hurricane left a trail of destruction. El huracán dejo una estela de destrucción.
World War II left a trail of crimes against humanity in its path. La Segunda Guerra Mundial dejó un reguero de crímenes contra la humanidad a su paso.
c. la cola (F) 
The comet's trail is so bright you can see it with the naked eye. La cola del cometa es tan brillante que se ve a simple vista.
transitive verb
4. (to drag) 
a. arrastrar 
Fran trailed her blanket around everywhere when she was a baby. Fran arrastraba su cobija por todos lados cuando era bebé.
5. (to follow) 
The hunters trailed the deer. Los cazadores siguieron la pista del venado.
She allowed her eyes to trail the man for only a second. Permitió que sus ojos siguieran el rastro del hombre sólo por un segundo.
6. (to lag behind) 
The local team trails its rival in the national rankings. El equipo local va a la zaga de su rival en la clasificación nacional.
7. (to dirty) 
a. dejar 
Take your boots off; you're trailing mud all over the carpet!Quítate las botas; ¡estás dejando lodo en el tapete!
intransitive verb
8. (to drag) 
a. arrastrar 
Zeke's bat trailed behind him as he trudged home after losing the game. El bate de Zeke arrastró detrás de él mientras caminaba a casa después de perder el partido.
9. (to lag behind) 
At half-time our team was still trailing.A medio tiempo nuestro equipo todavía iba a la zaga.
b. rezagarse 
You guys are trailing again; hurry up!Se están rezagando de nuevo; ¡apúrense!
10. (to dangle) 
a. colgar 
Vines trail from balconies in New Orleans in the summer. Las parras cuelgan de los balcones en Nueva Orleans en el verano.
11. (to walk wearily) 
a. patear 
We trailed around my cousin's new plot of land all morning.Pateamos por el nuevo terreno de mi primo toda la mañana.
1. (of smoke, blood) 
a. el rastro (M) 
to pick up the trailencontrar el rastro
to be on the trail of something/somebodyestar sobre la pista de algo/alguien
2. (path) 
a. la camino m, senda (F) 
trail bikemoto de trial or motocross
transitive verb
3. (drag) 
a. arrastrar 
4. (follow) 
a. seguir la pista de 
5. (in competition, game) 
a. ir por detrás de 
intransitive verb
6. (drag) 
a. arrastrar 
7. (move slowly) 
a. avanzar con paso cansino 
to trail in and outentrar y salir con desgana
8. (be losing) 
a. ir perdiendo 
trail [treɪl]
1 (wake) [of dust, smoke] estela (f); [of blood] reguero (m); [of comet, meteor] cola (f)
the hurricane left a trail of destruction el huracán dejó una estela de estragos; the murderer left a trail of clues el asesino dejó un reguero de pistas; he left a trail of wet footprints all through the house dejó pisadas húmedas por toda la casa
everywhere in the house was a sticky trail of orange juice to leave sth [in] one's trail most pop stars leave a wake of bitterness in their trail the men marched down the slope, leaving crushed paths of rye or wheat in their trail
2 (track) (left by animal, person) rastro (m); pista (f)
he followed their trails carefully the couple were determined to keep the wedding private and laid false trails for photographers the couple laid false trails for photographers following the trail of a boar saboteurs sprayed dogs with chemicals to put them off the trail of a fox
to be on sb's trail seguir la pista a algn
police were soon on his trail a newspaper was on the trail of the story
the police are hard or hot on his trail la policía le sigue de cerca or está sobre su pista
to be [hard] [hot] on the trail of sth/sb a burglar had police hot on his trail after a gems raid doctors are hot on the trail of a cure for Louise's foot mystery I'd been digging there for three months and was hot on the trail, beginning to find bits of buried treasure
to pick up sb's trail dar con algn
they soon picked up her trail, and from then on her private life was effectively over to [put] [set] sb on sb's trail after her husband disappeared she put a private detective on his trail a CB radio secret code put police on the trail of a kidnapped taxi driver yesterday a couple of clues that later set him on her trail
we managed to throw or put them off our trail conseguimos despistarlos
to [throw] [put] sb off one's/the trail we went a different route every day to put them off our trail the chatty, insouciant tone of his summertime letters was still precisely that of those he had written as a Harvard undergraduate to throw his mother off the trail of the young women in whom he was then interested SABOTEURS sprayed 28 dogs with chemicals to put them off the trail of a fox it was much wiser to use different vehicles and to change as often as safely possible within the sector so as to throw the Chinese or any informers off our trail
3 (path) camino (m); sendero (m)
he was following a broad trail through the trees he went missing on a mountain trail a large area of woodland, with hiking and walking trails he followed the hippy trail overland to Nepal
tourist trail ruta (f) turística
you should take in Hemingway's famous house before hitting the tourist trail which includes salvaged treasure in Mel Fisher's Museum, the Aquarium, the Glass Bottom Boat and the numerous fascinating small shops down Duval Street the usual tourist trail through Peru and Bolivia includes Cuzco, Macchu Picchu and Lake Titicaca to [blaze] a/the trail she helped blaze a trail for realistic movie depictions of blacks SINGING fireman Simon Foster has blazed a trail to top billing in a West End show Volkswagen's chairman, said the company wanted to blaze a trail in the eastern German economy and help to revive the traditionally strong car industry of Saxony surgeons have blazed the trail in the treatment of bomb victims
transitive verb
1 (drag) arrastrar
he was trailing his schoolbag behind him iba arrastrando la cartera (de la escuela); the jeep trailed clouds of dust behind it el jeep iba dejando nubes de polvo a su paso
the plane trailed a plume of white smoke
to trail one's fingers in or through the water hacer surcos en el agua con los dedos
he trailed his fingers in the water she trails the fingers of her right hand through the water
2 (deposit)
the children trailed dirt all over the carpet los niños iban dejando suciedad por toda la moqueta
a truck passes, trailing black smoke don't trail mud into the house
3 (track) [+animal, person] seguir la pista a; seguir el rastro a; [+suspect] seguir de cerca
two detectives were trailing him dos detectives le seguían de cerca
he glanced over his shoulder; the man was still trailing him a police car trailed the truck through Birmingham I trailed her to a shop in Birmingham
4 (lag behind) ir rezagado con respecto a; ir a la zaga de
the President trails his opponent in opinion polls el Presidente va rezagado con respecto a or va a la zaga de su adversario en las encuestas de opinión; they are trailing the leaders by just two points los líderes solo les llevan or sacan dos puntos de ventaja
behind him is the usual gaggle of drivers who have trailed him all season train ivy by trailing the plant around a wire spiral it is a strong grower trailed along a fence or wire they trailed the boat to the coast for the weekend their previously trailed live TV appearance
intransitive verb
1 (drag) arrastrarse
your coat is trailing in the mud se te está arrastrando or vas arrastrando el abrigo por el barro; she walked with her skirt trailing on the ground andaba arrastrando la falda por el suelo
he let his fingers trail in the water with part of her sari trailing behind her on the floor her skirt trailed
2 (dangle, spread)
plants trail from balconies las plantas cuelgan de los balcones; wires trailing across the floor are dangerous los cables sueltos por el suelo son peligrosos
banners trailed in the breeze the vines trail along the ground/the windowsill green weeds trailed along the bottom of the river a plume of white smoke trailed from the plane
3 (trudge)
I spent the afternoon trailing around the shops pasé la tarde pateándome las tiendas; we trailed home again in the rain a duras penas y lloviendo nos hicimos el camino de vuelta a casa; her husband trailed along behind su marido iba detrás arrastrando los pies
he trailed through the wet Manhattan streets the small boy trailed behind his father everywhere there are urchin kids hassling or just trailing along she's not `trailing along'- I asked her to come with me
4 (lag behind) ir rezagado; ir a la zaga
to trail (far) behind sb quedar (muy) a la zaga de algn; ir (muy) rezagado con respecto a algn
they are trailing behind the US in computer technology
he's trailing in the polls va por detrás or a la zaga en las encuestas; they were trailing 2-0 at half-time en el descanso iban perdiendo dos a cero
he continues to trail in the polls the defending champions were trailing 10-5 at half-time on Saturday Ross Perot trails with 14 percent to trail [in] (last) I trailed in last behind Rodrigo De Triana the pre-race favourite trailed in last
trail bike (n) moto (f) de motocross; moto (f) de trial
trail mix (n) revuelto (m) de frutos secos
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hiking trail
ruta de senderismo
trail mix
el mix de frutos secos y cereales
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