"tragar" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to swallow (ingerir, creer)
2. to swallow up (absorber)
3. to put up with (informal) (soportar)
  • no la puedo tragar o no la trago -> I can't stand her
4. to devour, to guzzle (informal) (consumir mucho)
  • ¡cómo traga gasolina este coche! -> this car really guzzles petrol! (British), this car is a real gas-guzzler! (United States)
intransitive verb
5. to swallow (ingerir)
6. to give in (informal) (acceder)
pronomial verb
1. to swallow (ingerir, creerse)
  • se tuvo que tragar sus propias palabras (figurative) -> he had to swallow his words
  • se tragó el cuento -> he swallowed the story
2. to swallow (disimular) (orgullo); to choke back (lágrimas)
3. (informal) (soportarse)
  • no se tragan -> they can't stand each other

tragar [trah-gar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To swallow.
2. To devor, to eat voraciously, to glut.
3. To swallow up, to ingulf.
4. To swallow, to receive or believe without examination.
  • Hacer tragar algo a uno -> to force somebody to listen to something
verb reflexive
5. To dissemble, to play the hypocrite; to pocket an affront.
  • Tragar el anzuelo -> (Met.) to allow oneself to be deceived
  • No poder tragar a alguno -> to abhor or dislike one

1 [+comida, bebida] to swallow
un poco de agua te ayudará a tragar la pastilla the tablet will be easier to swallow with a little water; nunca he visto a nadie tragar tanta comida I've never seen anyone put away so much food (familiar); le molesta la garganta al tragar saliva her throat bothers her when she swallows hard
tragó saliva antes de contestar
me insultó, pero tragué saliva por respeto a su padre he insulted me, but I bit my tongue out of respect for his father
2 (absorber) to soak up
esta tierra traga el agua rápidamente this ground soaks the water up very quickly
3 (gastar) to use
este coche traga mucha gasolina this car uses a lot of petrol o guzzles (familiar) petrol
4 (aguantar) [+insultos, reprimenda] to put up with
le ha hecho tragar mucho a su mujer his wife has had to put up with a lot; no puedo tragar a tu hermano I can't stand your brother
5 (creer) to swallow (familiar); fall for (familiar)
nadie se va a tragar esa historia nobody is going to swallow o fall for that story (familiar)
1 (engullir)
tu hijo traga que da gusto your son really enjoys o loves his food
2 (creer) to swallow (familiar); fall for (familiar)
—¿han tragado? —no, no se han creído nada "did they swallow it o fall for it?" — "no, they didn't believe a word" (familiar)
1 [+comida, bebida] to swallow
se lo tragó entero he swallowed it whole; el perro se ha tragado un hueso the dog has swallowed a bone; eso me lo trago en dos minutos I could put that away in no time (familiar)
2 (absorber) [+arena, tierra] to soak up; [+mar, abismo] to swallow up; engulf
3 [+teléfono, máquina] to swallow
la máquina del café se me ha tragado todas las monedas the coffee machine has swallowed all my change
4 (aguantar) [+insultos, reprimenda] to put up with
tuvo que tragarse las amenazas de su jefe he had to put up with his boss's threats; siempre tengo que tragarme los problemas de los demás I always have to sit and listen to other people's problems; pone la tele y se traga todo lo que le echen he puts the TV on and watches anything that's on
5 (creer) to swallow (familiar); fall for (familiar)
se tragará todo lo que se le diga he'll swallow o fall for whatever he's told (familiar)
6 (reprimir)
tragarse las lágrimas to hold back one's tears; tragarse el orgullo to swallow one's pride

Verb Conjugations for "tragar" (go to to swallow)


yo trago tragué tragaba tragaría tragaré
tragas tragaste tragabas tragarías tragarás
él/ella/Ud. traga tragó tragaba tragaría tragará
nosotros tragamos tragamos tragábamos tragaríamos tragaremos
vosotros tragáis tragasteis tragabais tragaríais tragaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. tragan tragaron tragaban tragarían tragarán
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