1. (act of trading) 
There has always been lots of trading between us and our neighboring nations.Siempre ha habido mucho comercio entre nosotros y nuestros países vecinos.
New Orleans is very diverse because it has always been an important city for travel and trading.Nueva Orleans es muy diversa porque siempre ha sido una ciudad importante para el turismo y la actividad comercial.
2. (finance) 
Trading begins on Wall Street at ten o' clock.Las operaciones bursátiles comienzan en Wall Street a las diez.
1. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
trading floorparquet m
trading partnersocio(a) comercial
trading postestablecimiento comercial en zonas remotas o de colonos
trading stampcupón m, vale m
trading [ˈtreɪdɪŋ]
1 (Comm) comercio (m); actividad (f) comercial
the laws on Sunday trading las leyes con respecto al comercio los domingos
Tesco's said trading was more successful than last Sunday it may also close 100 of its 1,500 high-street stores in the wake of disastrous Christmas trading Trading is moderate on a volume of 53 million shares Early trading did push the FT-SE share index down 11.4 points
2 (St Ex) operaciones (f) bursátiles
to stop or suspend trading suspender las operaciones bursátiles
The London stock exchange today suspended trading in Maxwell Communications and Mirror Newspapers
the industries which made Britain a great trading nation are being destroyed The world's major trading nations are attempting to establish new rules under a system called GATT Fairs were trading centres for merchants from home and abroad Hong Kong has become the world trading centre for ivory Latin America's lack of trading links with Europe
trading account (n) (St Ex) cuenta (f) de explotación
The Stock Exchange trading account ends on October 16 a bumper Pounds 7bn flooded in as the new trading account got under way and investors were snapping up everything from stores shares to breweries
trading centre (n) centro (m) de comercio
trading estate (n) (Britain) zona (f) industrial; polígono (m) industrial; (Esp)
trading floor (n) parqué (m); patio (m) de operaciones
Decisions on the trading floor are made in a split second American banks that had access to the trading floor of the London Stock Exchange
trading links (n) vínculos (m) comerciales
trading loss (n) pérdidas (f) comerciales; pérdidas (f) de explotación
they made a pre-tax profit of pounds 82,000 despite incurring a trading loss of pounds 273,000
trading partner (n) socioasocia (m) (f) comercial;a socia
trading post (n) factoría (f)
trading profits (n) beneficios (m) comerciales; beneficios (m) de explotación
the company made a trading profit during the last financial year of Pounds 17.3m Half-time trading profits fell by 40% to Pounds 2.5m the currency adjustment - essentially the movement of the dollar to a new and lower trading range - will have knock-on effects the pound's trading range against the mark is now less than the dm2.77 to dm3.13 theoretically allowed under the rules
trading stamp (n) cupón (m)


tráding [ˈtradin]
empresa tráding trading company
trading company
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la carta coleccionable
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