1. (buying and selling) 
The government wants to increase international trade.El gobierno quiere aumentar el comercio internacional.
2. (industry) 
My father has been in the oil trade for more than 35 years.Mi padre lleva en la industria del petróleo más de 35 años.
b. el gremio (M) 
It's well known in the trade that they're going to fire the president.Ya se sabe en el gremio que van a despedir al presidente.
3. (profession) 
a. el oficio (M) 
I am learning the trade from my uncle.Estoy aprendiendo el oficio de mi tío.
4. (exchange) (United States) 
a. el cambio (M) 
Let's make a trade. Give me your lunch and I'll give you mine.Hagamos un cambio. Dame tu almuerzo y te doy el mío.
The conditions of the trade seemed fair enough.Las condiciones del intercambio parecían bastante justas.
5. (sports) (United States) 
Atlanta's team has been much better since they made the trade.El equipo de Atlanta ha estado mucho mejor desde que hizo el traspaso.
transitive verb
6. (to exchange) (United States) 
Would you trade seats with me?¿Estarías dispuesta a intercambiar puestos conmigo?
7. (sports) (United States) 
a. traspasar 
They traded the player for a first-round draft pick.Traspasaron al jugador por la posibilidad de escoger en la primera ronda del draft.
intransitive verb
8. (to buy and sell) 
a. comerciar 
The country trades in soybean and corn.El país comercia con soya y maíz.
9. (relating to commerce) 
a. comercial 
Trade agreements between the two countries were suspended.Se suspendieron los acuerdos comerciales entre los dos países.
1. (commerce) 
a. el comercio (M) 
trade associationasociación gremial
trade deficitdéficit comercial
Trade Descriptions Actley que prohíbe a las empresas hacer uso de la publicidad engañosa
trade discountdescuento comercial
trade embargoembargo comercial
trade fairferia (de muestras)
trade gapdéficit de la balanza comercial
trade namenombre m comercial
trade secretsecreto de la casa
2. (geography) 
a. no direct translation 
trade windsvientos alisios
3. (swap) 
a. el intercambio (M) 
to do a tradehacer un intercambio
4. (profession) 
a. el oficio (M) 
he's a plumber by tradesu oficio es el de fontanero
trade unionsindicato m
trade unionismsindicalismo m
trade unionistsindicalista mf
transitive verb
5. (general) 
a. no direct translation 
to trade something (for something)intercambiar algo (por algo)
to trade places with somebodycambiarse de sitio con alguien
to trade insults/blowsintercambiar insultos/golpes
intransitive verb
6. (general) 
a. comerciar 
trade [treɪd]
1 (buying and selling) comercio (m)
Texas has a long history of trade with Mexico
domestic/foreign/world trade comercio (m) interior/exterior/internacional
to do trade with sb comerciar con algn
Small and medium sized countries do more trade with the outside world modern Hunan does trade with the great corporations of the West a group of people concerned about doing trade with communist countries US businessmen need these government credits to do trade with the Soviets
to do a good or brisk or roaring trade (in sth) (Britain) hacer (un) buen negocio (con algo)
the Ferry Inn was still doing a roaring trade vendors were doing a brisk trade in souvenirs and teeshirts
all trade in ivory is banned el comercio de todo tipo de or con marfil está prohibido
to be in trade ser comerciante
You can hear the hiss: `My dear, she was in trade and married money
2 (industry) industria (f)
there is no way the trade can employ so many people a career in the wine trade
the building trade la industria de la construcción; the antiques trade la compraventa de antigüedades; the arms trade el tráfico de armas; the tourist trade el turismo; el sector turístico
Board of Trade Department of Trade
3 (profession, occupation) oficio (m)
tailoring is a useful trade he learnt his trade as a diver in the North Sea my dad has no skilled trade
he's a butcher by trade es carnicero de oficio
he's a lawyer by trade he had published three books, so he seemed to be something of a natural at the trade when I was in the service, the trade as we called it, we had a maxim which said never mind the enemy, just watch out for your friends [in] the trade most people in the trade agreed that this was likely to be a problem
known in the trade as ... conocido en el gremio como ...
enterprising morticians would show potential customers the cheaper models of coffin, known in the trade as toe-pinchers a purchase under £10 is known in the trade as an impulse buy everyday drinking Italian red, known in the trade as Valpol malfunctions - known in the trade as `stoppages' - were not covered in any detail \both boxers are known in the trade as good losers\, men against whom rising prospects are tested
as we/they say in the trade como decimos/dicen en el oficio
the [tools] of the trade a pathologist is a graduate of a medical school, who has taken an internship in a hospital and then has spent an additional four years learning the tools of the trade that permit him to be called a clinical pathologist city strategies are found to be foremost among the regional planner's "tools of the trade" the [tricks] of the trade it's the tricks of the trade you learn on the job which are important these are standard tricks of the clothing trade
4 (people in trade)
we are particularly interested in trade enquiries The locals may have been rich but they were not interested in buying our type of art. There were no trade buyers either
to sell to the trade vender al por mayor or al mayoreo; (LAm)
no trade solo particulares
trade only solo mayoristas
5 (clientele) clientela (f)
the local pub depends on regular trade
passing trade clientela (f) de paso
shops in small, isolated villages often rely on passing trade
he hires boats out for the tourist trade alquila barcas a los turistas
6 especially (US) (exchange) cambio (m)
it was fair trade fue un cambio justo
to [do] a trade with sb
I'm willing to do or make a trade with you estoy dispuesto a hacerte un cambio or a hacer un cambio contigo
I'll do a trade with you - your computer for my television Democrats call it a tax break for the rich but have suggested they'd be willing to make a trade on this issue
transitive verb
especially (US) (exchange) [+goods] cambiar; [+blows, insults, jokes] intercambiar
kids used to trade baseball cards children would settle disputes by trading punches in the schoolyard MPs traded insults in a radio slanging match they had a wonderful evening, trading jokes over the dinner table
to trade sth for sth cambiar algo por algo
he traded his tennis racket for a football they traded land for goods and money
to trade sth with sb intercambiar algo con algn
they trade addresses with the new friends they have made
I wouldn't trade places with her for anything no quisiera estar en su lugar por nada del mundo; managers traded places with cleaners for a day los gerentes y el personal de limpieza se cambiaron los trabajos por un día
Mike asked George to trade places with him so he could ride with Tod professors should trade jobs with janitors the receiver and the quarterback are going to trade positions
intransitive verb
1 (do business) comerciar
we are trading at a loss estamos comerciando con pérdida
to cease trading cerrar
this shop will cease trading on 21 April
to trade in sth comerciar con algo
to trade in ivory/hardware comerciar con marfil/artículos de ferretería; he trades in antique dolls se dedica a la compraventa de muñecas antiguas
some people make a living trading in commodity futures The Iraqi dictator" was accused of `trading in religious ideas" he stopped trading in hardware he has been trading in antique furniture for 25 years
he trades under a business name opera con un nombre comercial
they may refuse to trade, even when offered attractive prices
to trade with sb comerciar con algn
they had years of experience of trading with the West they had always traded with China
2 (exchange) especially (US) hacer un cambio
I've got some of the cards you want, would you like to trade?
3 (sell) [+currency, shares] cotizarse;at a
the dollar was trading at DM3.2 last Friday Henlys shares traded at 78p last night
trade agreement (n) acuerdo (m) comercial; convenio (m) comercial
negotiations on a new international trade agreement an international trade agreement
trade association (n) asociación (f) gremial; asociación (f) mercantil
trade barriers (n) barreras (f) arancelarias
trade deficit (n) déficit (m) comercial
Trade Descriptions Act (n) (Britain) ley (f) de protección al consumidor
trade discount (n) descuento (m) comercial
trade embargo (n) embargo (m) comercial
trade fair (n) feria (f) de muestras; feria (f) comercial
trade figures (n) estadísticas (f) comerciales
trade gap (n) déficit (m) comercial
trade journal (n) revista (f) especializada
trade magazine (n)
trade journal See culture box in entry trade.
trade name (n) nombre (m) comercial
trade price (n) precio (m) al por mayor; precio (m) de mayoreo; (LAm)
trade restrictions (n) restricciones (f) comerciales
trade route (n) ruta (f) comercial
trade sanctions (n) sanciones (f) comerciales
trade secret (n) secreto (m) comercial; secreto (m) profesional
the exact combination of herbs used in the preparation of this drink is a trade secret If you have questions concerning hair, skin, or makeup color or would like to share your "trade secret" beauty tips, send all questions and/or tips to... the Coca-Cola recipe has been a trade secret for 100 years to let you into a trade secret, there are times when TV critics have to watch video tapes of programmes before they are transmitted
trades union (n)
trade union See culture box in entry trade.
Trades Union Congress (n) (Britain) Federación (f) de los Sindicatos
trade surplus (n) balanza (f) comercial favorable; superávit (m) (en balanza) comercial
they launched a merciless contraction of the German economy to reduce prices and wages, seeking to generate a trade surplus to pay their obligations Britain has a trade surplus with Albania This year Japan's trade surplus has risen sharply, close to $100 billion worldwide
trade union (n) sindicato (m)
trade unionism (n) sindicalismo (m)
trade unionist (n) sindicalista (m); miembro (m) de un sindicato
trade union leader (n) líder (m) sindicalista
trade union movement (n) movimiento (m) sindical; movimiento (m) sindicalista
trade union official (n) representante (m) sindical
trade war (n) guerra (f) comercial
trade winds (n) vientos (m) alisios
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