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trabó represents different conjugations of the verb trabar - View Conjugation
transitive verb
1. to fasten (sujetar); to shackle (a preso)
2. to join (unir)
3. to strike up (iniciar) (conversación, amistad)
4. to obstruct, to hinder (obstaculizar)
5. to thicken (espesar)
pronominal verb
1. to get tangled (enredarse)
2. to thicken (espesarse)
3. to get one's tongue tied in knots (al hablar)
  • se le trabó la lengua he tripped over his tongue
transitive verb
1 [+puerta, ventana] (para que quede cerrada) to wedge shut; (para que quede abierta) to wedge open
trabó la puerta con una silla para que no entrara he wedged the door shut with a chair to stop her getting in; trabó la pata de la mesa con una madera she wedged a piece of wood under the table leg
2 [+salsa, líquido] to thicken
3 (Carpintería) to join; (Construcción) to point
4 (comenzar) [+conversación, debate] to start (up); strike up; [+batalla] to join
trabar amistad to strike up a friendship
5 (enlazar)
una serie de razonamientos muy bien trabados a tightly woven o very well constructed argument
6 (obstaculizar) to hold back
la falta de recursos ha trabado el desarrollo de la investigación research has been held back by the lack of funds
7 [+caballo] to hobble
8 [+sierra] to set
9 (Centroamérica) (Caribe) (engañar) to deceive
intransitive verb
1 [+planta] to take
2 [+ancla, garfio] to grip
pronominal verb
1 (enredarse) to get tangled up
me trabé en un matorral y no podía salir I got tangled up in a thicket and couldn't get free; se le traba la lengua he gets tongue-tied; (Caribe) he loses the thread (of what he is saying)
2 (atascarse) [+cajón, puerta, mecanismo] to jam; get jammed
3 (involucrarse)
trabarse en una discusión to get involved in an argument
Verb Conjugations for trabar
Gerund: trabando
Participle: trabado
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