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1. (plaything)
a. el juguete (M)
The kids are playing with their toys.Los niños están jugando con sus juguetes.
intransitive verb
2. (to use as a toy)
a. jugar (person or feelings)
Stop toying with my feelings!¡Deja de jugar con mis sentimientos!
b. juguetear (food or object)
You know that I don't like it when you toy with my camera.Ya sabes que no me gusta que juguetees con mi cámara.
3. (to consider)
a. darle vueltas
I've been toying with the idea of going to live in Mexico.Le he estado dando vueltas a la idea de irme a vivir a México.
4. (not real)
a. de juguete
My favorite Christmas present ever was a toy kitchen.Mi regalo de Navidad preferido de todos fue una cocina de juguete.
5. (in miniature)
a. enano
My toy poodle is perfect for my tiny apartment.Mi poodle enano es perfecto para mi apartamento diminuto.
1. juguete (m)
  • toy soldier soldadito (m) de juguete
  • toy shop juguetería (f)
intransitive verb
  • to toy with somebody jugar con alguien
  • to toy with an idea darle vueltas a una idea
  • to toy with somebody's affections jugar con los sentimientos de alguien
toy [tɔɪ]
juguete (m)
intransitive verb
to toy with [+object, sb's affections] jugar con; juguetear con; [+food] comiscar; [+idea] acariciar
toy car (n) coche (m) de juguete
toy dog (n) (small breed of dog) perrito (m); perro (m) faldero
the toy industry (n) la industria juguetera
toy maker (n) (person) fabricante (m) de juguetes
Fuller, another Cornishman who went to Falmouth Art school and on to the Royal College, describes himself modestly as "a village toy maker".
(company) empresa (f) de juguetes
Mattel - the second largest toy maker in the world
toy poodle (n) (small breed of poodle) caniche (m) enanoaenana;a enana
toy soldier (n) soldadito (m) de juguete
toy theatre (n) teatro (m) de títeres
toy train (n) tren (m) de juguete
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