1. (visitor) 
South Beach is overrun by tourists this time of year.South Beach es invadida por los turistas en esta época del año.
2. (related to tourism) 
The tourist information office is located in the main square.La oficina de información turística está localizada en la plaza mayor.
1. (general) 
a. el turista (M)la turista (F) 
tourist attractionatracción turística
2. (aviation) 
a. no direct translation 
tourist classclase turista
tourist guideguía mf turístico(a)
tourist (information) officeoficina de turismo
3. (colloquial) 
a. no direct translation 
tourist trapsitio para turistas
tourist [ˈtʊərɪst]
1 (on holiday) turista (m)
2 (Dep) (visiting team)
the tourists el equipo visitante
Mackay scored three tries in his international debut, as the hosts completely outclassed the tourists on a freezing night in the New South Wales town
[+attraction, season] turístico
tourist agency (n) agencia (f) de turismo
tourist bureau (n)
tourist information centre See culture box in entry tourist.
tourist class (n) clase (f) turista
tourist industry (n) industria (f) del turismo
tourist information centre tourist office (n) oficina (f) de turismo; oficina (f) de información turística
tourist season (n) temporada (f) del turismo
the tourist trade (n) el turismo
tourist trap (n) sitio (m) para turistas
tourist visa (n) visado (m) turístico; visa (f) turística; (LAm)
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