1. (trip) 
a. el recorrido (M) (tourists) 
We took a walking tour of the city.Hicimos un recorrido a pie por la ciudad.
b. la visita (F) (tourists) 
We are planning a tour of the Capitol.Estamos planeando una visita al Capitolio.
c. la gira (F) (musicians, teams) 
The band went on a world tour.La banda estuvo de gira por el munto entero.
2. (military) 
The worst of the war happened during my third tour.Lo peor de la guerra ocurrió durante mi tercer periodo de servicio.
transitive verb
3. (to travel) 
a. recorrer (tourists) 
We toured Asia last summer.Recorrimos Asia el verano pasado.
b. ir de gira (musicians, teams) 
Bayern Munich will be touring the United States next month.Bayern Munich irá de gira por los Estados Unidos el mes que viene.
intransitive verb
4. (to travel) 
a. recorrer (tourists) 
This summer she will be touring the south of Spain.Este verano recorrerá el sur de España.
b. ir de gira (musicians, teams) 
We toured with other bands.Fuimos de gira con otras bandas.
1. (of tourist) 
a. el recorrido m, viaje (M) 
2. (by pop group, theater company) 
a. la gira (F) 
to go on a tourhacer un recorrido turístico
to go on tourirse de gira
3. (military) 
a. no direct translation 
tour of dutyperiodo de servicio en el extranjero
tour of inspection(recorrido de) inspección f
tour guideguía mf turístico(a)
tour operatortour operador m, operador turístico
transitive verb
4. (country, hospital) 
a. recorrer 
5. (of pop group, theater company) 
a. ir de gira por 
intransitive verb
6. (tourist) 
a. hacer turismo 
7. (pop group, theater company) 
a. estar de gira 
tour [ˈtʊəʳ]
1 (by tourist) [of country] gira (f); viaje (m); [of city] recorrido (m); [of building, exhibition] visita (f)
a tour around Europe una gira or un viaje por Europa
the tour includes three days in Venice there are organized coach tours leaving from Zagorsk it was week five of my tour of the major cities of Europe
to go on a tour of sth
they went on a tour of the Lake District hicieron una excursión or un viaje por la Región de los Lagos; to go on a walking/cycling tour hacer una excursión a pie/en bicicleta
we'd like to go on a walking tour of Spain He was on a walking tour
we went on a tour around London hicimos un recorrido por Londres
guided tour [of famous building] visita (f) guiada or con guía; [of city] recorrido (m) turístico (con guía)
we went on a guided tour of Cordoba we were given a guided tour of the farm a guided tour of a ruined Scottish castle sign on coach
2 (by musician, team, statesman) gira (f)
the team's winter tour to West Indies it will be the first official cricket tour of South Africa for 22 years the team are looking forward to this winter's tour of India
concert tour gira (f) de conciertos; he is currently on a lecture tour in the States actualmente está dando una serie de conferencias por Estados Unidos
they gave us a tour of the factory nos enseñaron la fábrica
tour of inspection recorrido (m) or ronda (f) de inspección
he made a tour of the villages threatened by the volcano visitó or recorrió los pueblos amenazados por el volcán
to be/go on tour estar/ir de gira
to take a play on tour hacer una gira con una obra de teatro
the band is on tour the band are currently on a two-month tour to [take] a company on tour a presidential campaign tour in Illinois
world tour gira (f) mundial
3 (Mil)
tour of duty periodo (m) de servicio
he was on his second tour of duty in Germany
4 (US) (Golf)
the tour la temporada
To make the tour, these golfers have to survive the PGA Qualifying Tournament. The Ryder Cup has given the Tour a tremendous boost and I still want to be part of that Now I'm just happy playing the Tour again Some of the courses are not fit for the Tour to play
transitive verb
1 (as tourist) [+country, region] recorrer; viajar por; [+town] recorrer
they are touring France están recorriendo Francia; están viajando por Francia
we're going to tour the town and then go for lunch he spent his vacation touring the highlands of Scotland we toured the streets of Milan
2 (officially) ir de gira por
the band toured Europe last year el año pasado el grupo se fue de gira por Europa; the Royal Opera is currently touring Japan actualmente la Royal Opera está de gira por Japón; the play is touring the provinces están de gira con la obra por provincias; the England team will be touring South Africa this winter el equipo inglés hará una gira por Sudáfrica este invierno; the Prince toured the factory el Príncipe visitó la fábrica
a few years ago they toured the country in a roadshow the Prime Minister toured the hardest hit area of Liverpool
intransitive verb
1 [+tourist] viajar
to [go] touring next summer we're going touring in France
they went touring in Italy se fueron de viaje por Italia
the accident happened while they were touring abroad we'd rather stay in one place than go touring [around]
2 (officially) [+musician, team] ir de gira
he's currently touring in the States actualmente está de gira por Estados Unidos
he toured for nearly two years she spent most of last summer touring with her band the A Team is touring in India a the moment
tour director (n) (US) guía (m) turísticoaturística;a turística
tour guide (n) guía (m) turísticoaturística;a turística
tour manager (n) (Dep) (Mús) encargadoaencargada (m) (f) de gira;a encargada
holiday firm Arab Tours insisted the package was safe. Tour director Ann Jousiffe said: "The Foreign Office is being too cautious" Tour manager Bob Bennett said: `The injury is not a major one' it was just Madonna being Madonna, shouting at her tour manager
tour operator (n) touroperadoratouroperadora (m) (f);a touroperadora


1. (general) 
a. tour 
tour de forcetour de force
tour operadortour operator
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