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1. total (m)
  • in total en total
2. total
  • total eclipse (astronomía) eclipse (m) total
  • total failure rotundo fracaso (m)
verbo transitivo (pt & pp totaled, totaled)
3. ascender a (amount to) (Estados Unidos)
4. sumar (count up)
5. cargarse (familiar) (car), jeringar (español de España), dar en la madre (español de México), hacer bolsa (RP)
total [ˈtəʊtl]
1 (complete, utter) [+lack, commitment] total; absoluto; [+ban] total
The National Union of Mineworkers pressed the party to support a total ban on imported coal her commitment to the job was total To get on in business these days you need total commitment
[+failure] rotundo; absoluto
his attempt to try to resolve the dispute was a total failure su intento de resolver la disputa fue un fracaso rotundo or absoluto; he felt like a total failure se sentía un completo fracasado
In those days you were a total failure if you hadn't married by the time you were about twenty-three
a total stranger un completo desconocido
Why should we trust a total stranger? She had been incredibly foolish to tell such things to a total [stranger].
the car was a total write-off el coche quedó totalmente destrozado
2 (overall) [+amount, number, cost] total; [+effect, policy] global
The total [effect] is intensely joyful... A total [policy] is being devised for the care of all.
a total population of 650,000 una población total de 650.000 habitantes; total sales/assets el total de ventas/activo
total sales topped £39 million last year Pirelli had total sales of £285 million last year
total losses amount to £100,000 las pérdidas ascienden a (un total de) 100.000 libras; el total de pérdidas asciende a 100.000 libras
total (m)
the jobless total was three million el total de parados fue de tres millones; in total en total
He has spent £20,000 in total on plant, a delivery truck and beer casks ...a force containing in total over half a million men and 11,000 tanks In total, 45 per cent of adults in Britain are exposed to tobacco smoke at home
a total of un total de
The factory employed a total of forty workers. Of a total of 252 crew members, only 90 survivors were recovered Eleven men were yesterday sentenced to a total of 88 years in jail for their roles in the prison riots At average rates this would come to a total of $3,500 per year
transitive verb
1 (add up) [+figures] sacar el total de; sumar el total de
2 (amount to) ascender a
that totals £20 el total asciende a 20 libras; the class now totals 20 students en la clase hay ahora un total de 20 alumnos; prizes totalling £300 premios por un (valor) total de 300 libras
3 especially (US) (wreck) destrozar; hacer fosfatina (informal)
the car was completely totalled el coche quedó hecho fosfatina (informal); el coche quedó para el arrastre (informal)
he totalled his father's BMW
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