Tortilla in English | Spanish to English Translation
feminine noun
1. omelet (de huevo)
  • dar la vuelta a la tortilla (figurative) to turn everything upside down
  • tortilla (a la) española Spanish o potato omelet
  • tortilla (a la) francesa French o plain omelet (peninsular Spanish)
2. tortilla (de maíz), = thin maize pancake
1 [de huevo] omelette
hacer algo una tortilla to smash sth up
van a hacer el negocio una tortilla they're sure to mess the deal up
hacer a algn una tortilla to beat sb up (familiar)
volver la tortilla a algn
dar la vuelta a la tortilla to turn the tables
volverse la tortilla
se ha vuelto la tortilla now the boot is on the other foot; it's a different story now
se le volvió la tortilla it came out all wrong for him; it all blew up in his face
tortilla de patatas tortilla española Spanish potato omelette
tortilla francesa plain omelette
2 (Centroamérica) (México) [de maíz] flat maize pancake; tortilla
3 (lesbianismo) lesbian sex
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