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1. antorcha (f) (burning stick)
  • to carry a torch for somebody(sentido figurado) estar enamorado(a) or prendado(a) de alguien
2. linterna (f) (electric light) (británico)
transitive verb
3. incendiar
torch [tɔːtʃ]
1 (flaming) antorcha (f); tea (f)
to carry the torch of democracy/progress mantener viva la llama de la democracia/del progreso
Since his death in 1985 his widow has carried the torch of his Stalinist legacy ...a magazine aiming to carry the torch of radical political journalism
to carry a torch for sb estar enamorado de algn
2 (Britain) (electric) linterna (f)
3 (Téc) (also blow torch) soplete (m)
transitive verb
(set fire to) [+building, vehicle] prender fuego a; incendiar
The rioters torched the local library Cars and trucks were torched, bottles and bricks thrown
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