"tope" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

tope [toup]
verbo neutro (intransitivo)
1. Soplar, beber mucho. (n)
1. Altar, bóveda o torre budista, construída para guardar reliquia

tope [təʊp]
beber (más de la cuenta); emborracharse

adjective invariable
1. top, maximum (máximo)
  • fecha tope -> deadline
2. fab (informal) (genial) (peninsular Spanish), brill (British)
3. mega, really (informal) (muy)
masculine noun
4. block (pieza); doorstop (para puerta)
5. buffer (fail)
6. limit (límite máximo); deadline (de plazo)
7. speed bump (para velocidad) (Mexican Spanish), sleeping policeman (British)
8. (freno)
  • poner tope a -> to rein in, to curtail
9. (expresiones)
  • a tope -> flat out; (de velocidad, intensidad) packed (lleno)
  • abrir el grifo a tope -> to turn the tap o (British) faucet on full (United States)
  • estar hasta los topes -> to be bursting at the seams

tope [toh’-pay]
1. Top, the highest point or part. (m)
2. Butt (con cabeza), the striking of one thing against another. (m)
3. Rub, the point of difficulty. (m)
4. Obstacle, impediment (pega). (m)
5. Scuffle (pelea), quarrel (riña). (m)
6. The highest point of a mast. (m)
  • A tope o al tope -> juncture, union, or incorporation of the extremities of things
  • Al tope -> conjointly, contiguously
  • Hasta el tope -> up to the top, or the brim
1. Maximum.
  • Edad tope para un puesto -> maximum age for a job

(máximo) maximum; top
la edad tope para el puesto the maximum age for the job; fecha tope closing date; deadline; precio tope top price; sueldo tope maximum salary
1 (límite) limit
estar a tope o hasta el tope o hasta los topes
el teatro estaba (lleno) a tope the theatre was packed out (familiar); el contenedor está hasta los topes the container is overloaded; voy a estar a tope de trabajo I'm going to be up to my eyes o neck in work (familiar)
ir a tope to go flat out (familiar)
trabajar a tope to work flat out (familiar)
vivir a tope to live life to the full
tope salarial wage ceiling
2 (Náutica) [del mastelero] masthead; (vigía) lookout;
3 (And) (S. Cone) (cumbre) peak; summit
(España) (muy)
es tope enrollada she's mega-cool (familiar); es tope guay it's well cool (familiar)
1 (golpe) (gen) bump; knock; (con la cabeza) butt
2 (riña) quarrel; (pelea) scuffle
3 (objeto) stop; check; [de tren] buffer; [de coche] bumper; fender; (EEUU) [de puerta] doorstop; wedge; [de revólver] catch; (México) (en una carretera) speed bump o hump
tope de tabulación tab stop
4 (dificultad) snag; problem
ahí está el tope that's the problem; that's just the trouble
5 (robo) burglary

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