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top-of-the-range top-of-the-line
, [ˈtɒpəvðəˈlaɪn]
1. de gama alta (Estados Unidos)
  • it is our top-of-the-range top-of-the-line model es el modelo más alto de la gama
top-of-the-range [ˌtɒpəvðəˈreɪndʒ]
top-of-the-line [ˌtɒpəvðəˈlaɪn]
más alto de la gama
Analysts say the new top-of-the-line IBM mainframe will run at more than twice the speed of current mainframes The country's troubled economy certainly cannot provide the resources to buy top-of-the-line military supplies Now he drives his own top-of-the-range Mercedes
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