1. (sound, color) 
a. el tono (M) 
2. (on phone) 
a. el señal f, tono (M) 
3. (quality of sound) 
a. el timbre (M) 
tone of voicetono de voz
4. (fig) 
to raise/lower the toneelevar/bajar el tono
tone [təʊn]
1 (Mús) tono (m)
2 [of voice] tono (m)
in an angry tone en tono de enojo; in low tones en tono bajo; they were whispering in low tones cuchicheaban; tone of voice tono (m) de voz
Don't speak to me in that tone of voice! He was usually spoken about in the tone of voice reserved for a brilliant and wayward child
to praise sb in ringing tones poner a algn por las nubes
3 (Telec) señal (f)
dialling tone señal (f) para marcar; please speak after the tone (Telec) por favor, hable después de oír la señal
4 (shade of colour) tono (m); matiz (m)
two-tone colour scheme combinación (f) de dos tonalidades
5 (tendency) tono (m); nota (f); [of speech, article] tono (m); cariz (m)
The spokesman said the tone of the letter was very friendly The whole tone of the President's speech was one of continuity and stability His comments to reporters were conciliatory in tone
the tone of the market (Economics) la nota dominante del mercado; el tono del mercado
6 (character, dignity) buen tono (m); elegancia (f)
the place has tone el sitio tiene buen tono; es un sitio elegante; the clientèle gives the restaurant tone la clientela da distinción al restaurante; to raise/lower the tone of sth levantar/bajar el nivel de algo
7 [of muscles etc]
muscle tone tono (m) muscular
...stretch exercises that aim to improve muscle tone Keeping your muscles strong and in tone helps you to avoid back problems
intransitive verb
(Britain)(also tone in) [+colours] armonizar; combinar;
transitive verb
1 (Mús) entonar
2 (Fot) virar
3 [+body, muscles] (also tone up) tonificar; fortalecer
This movement lengthens your spine and tones the spinal nerves ...finely toned muscular bodies Exercise tones up your body
tone colour tone color (US) (n) (Mús) timbre (m)
tone control (n) control (m) de tonalidad
tone language (n) lengua (f) tonal
tone poem (n) poema (m) sinfónico
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