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1. tonelada (f) (aproximada) (weight) (Br = 1.016 kg, US = 907 kg)
2. (idioms) (familiar)
  • this suitcase weighs a ton (Br = 1.016 kg, US = 907 kg) esta maleta pesa un quintal or una tonelada
  • tons of… (familiar) montones de… (lots of)
  • he'll come down on you like a ton of bricks (familiar) te va a poner a caldo
ton [tʌn]
1 (weight) tonelada (f) Brit = 1016.06kg; Can, US etc. = 907.20kg; (Brit = 1016.06kg; Can, US etc. = 907.20kg)
metric ton tonelada (f) métrica = 1.000kg; (= 1.000kg) this cargo weighs 1,000 tons esta carga pesa 1.000 toneladas; a three-ton lorry un camión de tres toneladas
to weigh a ton pesar un quintal (informal)
this suitcase weighs a ton esta maleta pesa un quintal (informal)
to come down on sb like a ton of bricks echar una bronca descomunal a algn
tons of sth montones (m) de algo (informal); we have tons of it at home en casa lo tenemos a montones (informal); we have tons of time nos sobra tiempo; tenemos tiempo de sobra
3 (Aut) (100mph) velocidad (f) de 100 millas por hora
to do a ton ir a 100 millas por hora
4 (Cricket) (100 runs) cien carreras (f)
He reached his ton from 71 balls with 11 fours and four sixes
sin ton ni son (sin motivo) for no particular reason; (sin lógica) without rhyme or reason
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