1. tomo (m) volumen (m) (Formal)

tome [toum]
1. Tomo, libro grueso.

tome [təʊm]
mamotreto (informal) (m)
a weighty tome un pesado mamotreto (informal)
leather-bound tomes in drab colors the judge threw a hefty legal tome towards him and ordered: `Look it up' he has written lengthy tomes on how to achieve the perfect putt

"tome" can be a verb. You can see the conjugations below.

transitive verb
1. to take (agarrar, obtener, recibir)
2. to have (comida, bebida)
  • ¿qué quieres tomar? -> what would you like (to drink)?; (beber) what would you like (to eat)? (comer) (peninsular Spanish)
3. to catch (trasporte) (autobús, tren) ; to take (taxi, ascensor)
4. to adopt (adquirir) (actitud, costumbre)
  • tomarle manía/cariño a algo/alguien -> to take a dislike/a liking to something/somebody
5. to take down (apuntar) (datos, información)
6. (exponerse a)
  • tomar el sol -> to sunbathe
  • tomar el aire o el fresco -> to go out for a breath of fresh air
7. (considerar, confundir)
  • tomar a alguien por algo/alguien -> to take somebody for something/somebody
8. (expresiones) (informal)
  • tomarla con alguien -> to have it in for somebody
  • ¡toma ésa! -> that'll teach you!, chew on that! (expresa venganza)
intransitive verb
9. to go, to head (encaminarse)
10. to drink (beber alcohol) (Am)
  • toma -> here you are (al dar algo)
pronomial verb
1. to have (comida, bebida) ; to take (tiempo, medicina)
2. to take (interpretar)
  • tomarse algo bien/a mal/en serio -> to take something well/badly/seriously
3. (informal)
  • ¡tomar! -> good grief! (expresa sorpresa), blimey! (British)
  • ¡tomar ya!, ¡qué golazo! -> wow, what a goal!

tomar [to-mar’]
article & verb transitive
1. To take (aire, baño, curva, decisión, medida, paso, ruta), to catch, to seize, to grasp (agarrar), to recover.
2. To receive in any mode; to get.
3. To occupy, to capture, to take possession of.
4. To eat or drink.
5. To understand, to apprehend; to interpret, to perceive.
6. To contract, to acquire (afecto, asco).
7. To take into service, to employ.
8. To intercept or block roads or paths.
9. To take by stealth, to rob.
10. To buy, to purchase.
11. To undertake, to apply oneself to a business.
12. To imitate, to copy, 13.
13. To surprise, to overtake.
14. To surprise, to overwhelm.
15. To cover the female.
16. To take a trick in cards.
17. To arrive in port or at an anchoringplace. (Nautical)
18. To take into one’s company.
19. With names of instruments, to set about, or execute the action implied.
  • Tomar la pluma -> to write
20. In playing ball, to call a halt, because the players are not in their proper places, or some, other reason.
verb neuter
21. To take, to take root. (n)
22. To drink (beber). (Ante Meridian & Latin American) (m)
23. Toma y daca, give and take. (m)
verb reflexive
24. To get covered with rust (metales).
  • Tomar calor -> to get warm, to push an affair warmly
  • Tomar frío -> to catch cold
  • Tomar el fresco -> to take the air
  • Tomar el sol -> to take the sun, or expose oneself to the sun
  • Tomar fuerzas -> to gather strength
  • Tomar resolución -> to resolve
  • Tomar por su cuenta -> to take upon one’s accunt
  • Tomar puerto -> (Naut.) to get into a port
  • Tomarse con algun -> or tomarla con alguno, to pick a quarrel with one
  • Tomar la puerta -> to go out of the house, to be off
  • Tomar a pecho, to take to heart; to undertake a thing with too much zeal. Tomar a uno entre ceja -> or entre dientes, to take a dislike to a person
  • Tomar el trabaj -> (or tanto trabajo), to take trouble for the sake of helping another
  • Tomar la delantera -> to excel another
  • Tomar el rábano por las hojas -> to put the cart before the horse
  • Tomamos unas cervezas -> we had a few beers
  • Tomarse la venganza por su mano -> to take vengeance with one’s own hands
  • Se lo sabe tomar bien -> he knows how to take it
To take, to choose, to select.

Para las expresiones tomar las aguas, tomar las armas, tomar la delantera, tomar impulso, tomar tierra, ver la otra entrada.
1 (coger) to take
si no tienes bolígrafo toma este take this pen if you haven't got one; la tomó de la mano he took her by the hand; lo toma o lo deja take it or leave it; ¡toma! here (you are)!
vayan tomando asiento please sit down; please be seated (formal)
tomar y dejar pasajeros tomar algo sobre sí
tomar la pluma to pick o take up one's pen
tomar las de Villadiego to shift it (familiar)
2 (ingerir, consumir) [+comida] to eat; have; [+bebida] to drink; have; [+medicina] to take
si tienes hambre podemos tomar algo if you're hungry we can get something to eat; tomas demasiado café you drink too much coffee
No sabía que sirvieran desayunos hasta tan tarde Quiere tomar algo? escaparme e ir a tomar algo decente en mcdonnald's cada vecino baja una botella para tomar algo Para que quiero tomar algo sin sabor y CON burbujas?
tomamos unas cervezas we had a few beers; ¿qué quieres tomar? what would you like?; what will you have?; tome una cucharada de jarabe cada ocho horas take a spoonful of syrup every eight hours
tomar el pecho to feed at the breast; breastfeed
3 (viajar en) [+tren, avión, taxi] to take
vamos a tomar el autobús let's take o get the bus; cada día toma el tren de las nueve he catches o takes the nine o'clock train every day
4 (Cine) (Fotografía) (TV) to take
tomar una foto de algn to take a photo of sb; take sb's photo
5 (apuntar) [+notas, apuntes] to take; [+discurso] to take down
nunca toma apuntes en clase he never takes notes in class
tomar (buena) nota (de algo)
tomo nota de todo lo que me has dicho I have taken note of everything you have told me
nos tomaron declaración en comisaría they took (down) our statements o they took statements from us at the police station
tomar por escrito to write down
tomar en taquigrafía tomar en cinta
6 (medir) [+temperatura, pulso] to take
me tomó la temperatura y el pulso
tengo que ir a que me tomen la tensión I have to go and have my blood pressure taken; ven, que te tomo las medidas let me take your measurements
el carpintero que va a hacer el armario empotrado vino a tomar medidas
7 (adoptar) [+decisión, precauciones] to take
tomar una decisión debemos tomar precauciones
tomaremos medidas para que no vuelva a suceder we will take steps to ensure that it does not happen again
8 (adquirir)
la situación está tomando mal cariz the situation is beginning to look ugly
cuando la cebolla empiece a tomar [color] debemos tomar [conciencia] de la gravedad del problema
el proyecto ya está tomando forma the project is taking shape
9 (empezar a sentir)
le han tomado mucho cariño they have become very fond of him; les tomé asco a los caracoles I took a dislike to snails
tomarla o tenerla tomada con algn to have (got) it in for sb (familiar)
la jefa la ha tomado o la tiene tomada conmigo the boss has (got) it in for me
La gente les ha tomado tanto asco como a la gusanería de Miami con los meses,iba tomando afecto/gusto a aquella cosita
10 (disfrutar de) [+baño, ducha] to have; take
tomar el aire o el fresco to get some fresh air
tomar una [ducha]
tomar el sol to sunbathe
voy a tomar una ducha
11 (Mil) (capturar) to take; capture; (ocupar) to occupy
la policía tomó la fábrica the police occupied the factory
12 (contratar) [+empleado] to take on; engage
13 (ocupar) to take
traducirlo me ha tomado tres horas it took me three hours to translate it
14 (entender, interpretar) to take
tomó muy a mal que la suspendieran she took it very badly when she failed; lo tomó como una ofensa he took offence at it; he was offended by it
lo han tomado a broma they haven't taken it seriously; they are treating it as a joke
no lo tomes en serio don't take it seriously
tomar a algn por (confundir)
tomar a algn por policía to take sb for a policeman; think that sb is a policeman; tomar a algn por loco to think sb mad; ¿por quién me toma? what do you take me for?; who do you think I am?
16 (sexualmente) to have
17 (And) (molestar) to upset; annoy
1 (Botánica) [+planta] to take (root); [+injerto] to take
2 (Latinoamérica) (ir)
tomar a la derecha to turn right
3 (Latinoamérica) (beber) to drink
estaba tomando en varios bares he was drinking in a number of bars
4 (exclamaciones)
¡toma! ¡toma! menuda suerte has tenido ... well, of all the luck!; can you believe it? what luck!
¡toma! pues yo también lo sé hacer hey! I know how to do that too
¡toma ya!
¡toma ya, vaya tío tan bueno! wow, what an amazing guy! (familiar); ¡toma ya, vaya golazo! look at that, what a fantastic goal!
El bribón se lesiona (pero sigue jugando # toma ya!) Toma ya! La imbécil que se pone a llorar y me dice que ella no sabe El compuesto corroer es regular." Toma ya! No acaba uno de aprender su propia lengua
5 especialmente (Latinoamérica)
tomó y se fue off he went; he upped and went
tomó y lo rompió he went and broke it
1 (cogerse) [+vacaciones] to take
se tomó unas vacaciones larguísimas
me he tomado la libertad de leer tu informe I have taken the liberty of reading your report
tomarse la venganza por su mano
no se tomaron la molestia de informarnos they didn't bother o take the trouble to let us know
2 (ingerir) [+bebida] to drink; have; [+comida] to eat; have; [+medicina] to take
se tomó 13 cervezas he drank o had 13 beers; me tomé un bocadillo I ate o had a sandwich; tómate el yogur, verás qué bueno eat up your yogurt, you'll like it
se tomó una copa y visitó la tumba de su amigo me tomé dos huevos fritos me tomé: dos cafeses con leche, un pote de habas y un helao. me tomé una pastilla tranquilizante Me tomé dos aspirinas
3 (medirse) [+pulso, temperatura] to take
tomarse el pulso tomarse la temperatura
4 (entender, interpretar) to take
no te lo tomes así don't take it that way; no te lo tomes tan a mal don't take it so badly; don't take it so much to heart; se lo sabe tomar bien he knows how to take it; he can take it in his stride
se lo toma todo muy en serio he takes it all very seriously
tomarse por (creerse) to think o.s.
¿por quién se toma ese ministro? who does that minister think he is?
6 (tomarse de orín) to get rusty

Verb Conjugations for "tomar" (go to el tomo)


yo tomo tomé tomaba tomaría tomaré
tomas tomaste tomabas tomarías tomarás
él/ella/Ud. toma tomó tomaba tomaría tomará
nosotros tomamos tomamos tomábamos tomaríamos tomaremos
vosotros tomáis tomasteis tomabais tomaríais tomaréis
ellos/ellas/Uds. toman tomaron tomaban tomarían tomarán
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