tomatoes is the plural form of tomato and roughly translates to tomates.


usage note
The plural of "tomato" is "tomatoes."
1. (fruit) 
a. el tomate (M) 
These tomatoes look delicious.Estos tomates se ven deliciosos.
b. el jitomate (M) (Mexico) 
I'll put some tomato in the salad.Le pondré jitomate a la ensalada.
2. (botany) 
We're trying to grow tomatoes on our porch.Estamos intentando cultivar tomateras en nuestro porche.
1. (fruit) 
a. el tomate (M) 
b. el jitomate (M) (Mexico) 
tomato ketchup(tomate) ketchup m, catchup m
tomato sauce(salsa f de) tomate or
tomato soupcrema de tomate or
2. (colloquial) (United States) 
a. no direct translation (beautiful woman) 
she's a real tomatoestá buenísima
tomato [təˈmɑːtəʊ] [təˈmeɪtəʊ] (US)
tomatoes (plural) (fruit) tomate (m); jitomate (m); (Méx) (plant) tomatera (f);
tomato juice (n) jugo (m) de tomate
tomato ketchup (n) salsa (f) de tomate; ketchup (m)
tomato paste (n)
tomato purée See culture box in entry tomato.
tomato plant (n) tomatera (f)
tomato purée (n) puré (m) de tomate; concentrado (m) de tomate
tomato sauce (n) salsa (f) de tomate
...spaghetti with tomato sauce
(Britain) (in bottle, sachet)
tomato ketchup See culture box in entry tomato.
Phrases with "tomatoes"
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diced tomatoes
los tomates en cubitos
the tomatoes are green
los tomates están verdes
chopped tomatoes
tomates picados
our tomatoes
nuestros tomates
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