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1. (anatomy) 
a. la lengua (F) 
Chow Chow dogs have a purple tongue.Los chow chows tienen la lengua lila.
2. (culinary) 
a. la lengua (F) 
My favorite thing to cook is beef tongue.Lo que más me gusta cocinar es lengua de vaca.
3. (linguistics) 
a. la lengua (F) 
Which is your mother tongue?¿Cuál es tu lengua materna?
b. el idioma (M) 
She can speak in several tongues.Habla varios idiomas.
4. (footwear) 
This shoe has a very wide tongue so you don't need to tie it.Ese zapato tiene una lengüeta muy ancha para que no haga falta amarrarlo.
5. (flame) 
a. la lengua (F) 
The tongues of the flames rose when we added the firewood.Las lenguas de las llamas subieron cuando echamos la leña.
1. (in mouth, of land, flame) 
a. la lengua (F) 
2. (of shoe) 
a. la lengüeta (F) 
3. (language) 
a. la idioma m, lengua (F) 
to stick one's tongue outsacar la lengua
tongue twistertrabalenguas m inv
4. (idioms) 
a. no direct translation 
hold your tongue!¡calla la boca!
have you lost your tongue?¿se te ha comido la lengua el gato?
to say something tongue-in-cheekdecir algo en broma
tongue [tʌŋ]
1 (Anat) (Cookery) lengua (f)
to put or stick one's tongue out (at sb) sacar la lengua (a algn); she has a quick/nasty tongue tiene mucha labia/una lengua viperina
...her sharp wit and quick tongue She had a nasty tongue, but I liked her
with (one's) tongue in (one's) cheek irónicamente; burla burlando
to say sth tongue in cheek decir algo en tono de burla
to keep a civil tongue in one's head moderar las palabras or el lenguaje
Sparky Princess Anne, not a Diana fan, will attempt to keep a civil tongue in her head with nice new husband Tim at her side "How did I manage to keep a civil tongue in my head?" demanded Alex as soon as Darrow had stalked out. `I must be getting saintly in my old age!"
to get one's tongue around sth
I can't get my tongue round these Latin names estos nombres latinos resultan impronunciables
to find one's tongue
so you've found your tongue? ¿así que estás dispuesto por fin a hablar?
to give tongue [+hounds] empezar a ladrar
to hold one's tongue callarse
hold your tongue! ¡cállate la boca!
to loosen sb's tongue hacer hablar a algn
wine loosens the tongue el vino suelta la lengua
to lose one's tongue
have you lost your tongue? ¿te has tragado la lengua?
to trip or roll off the tongue
the formula came tripping or rolling off his/her tongue pronunció la fórmula con la mayor facilidad; it doesn't exactly trip off the tongue no se puede decir que sea fácil de pronunciar
2 [of shoe] lengüeta (f); [of bell] badajo (m); [of flame, land] lengua (f)
3 (language) lengua (f); idioma (m)
in the German tongue en alemán; en la lengua alemana; to speak in tongues (Rel) hablar en lenguas desconocidas
tongue twister (n) trabalenguas (m)
Phrases with "togue"
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mother tongue
la lengua materna
tongue twister
el trabalenguas
cow tongue
la lengua de vaca
beef tongue
la lengua de vaca
roll off the tongue
no direct translation
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