Toe in Spanish | English to Spanish Translation
1. dedo (m) del pie (of foot); puntera (f) (of sock, shoe)
  • big toe dedo (m) gordo del pie
  • little toe meñique (m) del pie
2. (idioms)
  • to be on one's toes estar alerta
  • to keep somebody on his toes no dar tregua a alguien
toe [təʊ]
(Anat) dedo (m) del pie; [of shoe] puntera (f); [of sock] punta (f)
big/little toe dedo (m) gordo/pequeño del pie; to tread or step on sb's toes pisar el pie a algn; meterse con algn
to keep sb on his toes mantener a algn sobre ascuas
to keep on one's toes estar alerta; mantenerse bien despierto
you have to keep on your toes hay que estar alerta; hay que mantenerse bien despierto
to turn up one's toes estirar la pata (informal)
transitive verb
tocar con la punta del pie
to toe the line (conform) conformarse
toe clip (n) (for cycling) rastral (m); calapiés (m)
toe piece (n) espátula (f); punta (f)
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