toallas is the plural form of toalla and roughly translates to towels.


feminine noun
1. (absorbent cloth) 
a. towel 
Al salir de la ducha, no quedaba ni una toalla para secarme.When I got out of the shower, there wasn't a single towel left to dry off with.
2. (fabric) 
a. toweling (United States) 
Tengo una bata hecha de toalla que uso después de bañarme.I have a bathrobe made of toweling that I use after bathing.
b. towelling (United Kingdom) 
No me gusta la ropa hecha de toalla.I don't like clothing made out of towelling.
1. (para secarse) 
a. towel 
2. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
arrojar o tirar la toallato throw in the towel
toalla de bañobath towel
toalla femenina o sanitariasanitary towel, napkin
3. (tejido) 
a. toweling 
arrojar o tirar la toalla to throw in the towel
toalla de baño bath towel
toalla de mano hand towel
Ropa de cama y baño: Sábanas....167.215; [Fundas de almohada] ...83.996; [Toallas de mano] ...175.150; [toallas de baño] ....184.645; alfombras...68.450; cubrecamas...25.100.
toalla de playa beach towel
toalla de rodillo roller towel
toalla playera beach towel
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cambiar las toallas
to change the towels
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