1. (weather, clothing, wine) 
a. seco(a) 
to run or go drysecarse
to be kept dryno mojar
as dry as a bonereseco(a)
2. (nautical) 
dry dockdique seco
dry icenieve carbónica, hielo seco
dry landtierra firme
dry rotputrefacción de la madera
dry runensayo m
3. (boring; prose style, person) 
a. aburrido(a), árido(a) 
4. (deadpan; humor) 
a. lacónico(a) 
transitive verb
5. (general) 
a. secar 
to dry oneselfsecarse
to dry one's hairsecarse el pelo
intransitive verb
6. (general) 
a. secarse 
dry [draɪ]
drier (comparative)driest (superlative)
1 (not moist) [+clothes, paint, leaves, weather] seco; [+climate] árido; seco
it was warm and dry yesterday afternoon ayer hizo una tarde cálida y seca; wait till the glue is dry espere a que la cola se seque; he rubbed himself dry with a towel se secó frotándose con una toalla
her throat/mouth was dry she had a dry throat/mouth tenía la garganta/boca seca
his mouth was dry with fear tenía la boca seca de miedo; her eyes were dry (without tears) no había lágrimas en sus ojos; there wasn't a dry eye in the house no había nadie que no estuviera llorando; for dry skin/hair para piel seca/pelo seco
keep in a dry place mantener en un lugar seco
He managed to swallow a little soup and dry toast
dry bread (without butter) pan (m) sin mantequilla; (stale) pan (m) seco
a dry cough una tos seca
to get dry secarse
my hair/the clothes will soon get dry hurry up and get dry, here's a towel
on dry land en tierra firme
to run dry [+river, well] secarse; [+inspiration] agotarse
to wipe sth dry secar algo (con un trapo)
as dry as a bone más seco que una pasa
2 (thirsty)
to be or feel dry tener sed; estar seco (informal)
3 (prohibiting alcohol) [+country, state] seco
due to a storm, the island was dry for a week a causa de una tormenta, durante una semana no hubo ni una gota de alcohol en la isla
The country is dry and no liquor is allowed
4 (wry) [+humour, wit] mordaz; [+laugh] sardónico
he has a very dry sense of humour tiene un sentido del humor muy mordaz or cargado de ironía
5 (harsh)
it broke with a dry snapping sound se rompió con un ruido seco
6 (uninteresting) [+lecture, subject, book] árido
style, speech, facts
[+voice] seco
as dry as dust terriblemente árido
7 (not sweet) [+wine, sherry, cider] seco; [+champagne] brut; seco
a dry white wine un vino blanco seco
8 (not producing milk)
the old cow went dry la vaca vieja se quedó sin leche
the dry (Britain) lo seco; such cars grip the road well, even in the dry estos coches se agarran bien al firme, incluso en seco; come on into the dry métete aquí que no llueve
Such cars grip the road well, even in the dry Come on into the dry
transitive verb
to dry one's hands/eyes secarse las manos/las lágrimas; to dry the dishes secar los platos; to dry o.s. secarse
intransitive verb
1 (become dry) secarse
leave it to dry déjalo que se seque; would you rather wash or dry? ¿prefieres lavar o secar?
2 especially (Britain) (Teat) quedarse en blanco
My opening was fair, the second spot fair and I dried completely in the fourth
dry cell (n) pila (f) seca
dry cleaner's (n) tintorería (f); tinte (m); (Esp)
dry cleaning (n) limpieza (f) en seco
dry dock (n) dique (m) seco
dry fly (n) (Fishing) mosca (f) seca
dry ginger (n) ginebra (f) seca
dry goods (n) (US) artículos (m) de confección
dry goods store (n) (US) mercería (f)
dry ice (n) nieve (f) carbónica
dry measure (n) medida (f) para áridos
dry rot (n) putrefacción seca de la madera causada por un hongo
dry run (n) ensayo (m)
the dry season (n) la estación seca
dry shampoo (n) champú (m) seco
dry shave (n)
to have a dry shave afeitarse en seco
dry ski slope (n) pista (f) artificial de esquí
dry stone wall (n) muro (m) seco
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