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(pt & pp met [met])
transitive verb
1. encontrarse con (encounter) (by accident); encontrarse con, reunirse con (by arrangement)
  • to meet somebody in the street encontrarse con alguien en la calle
  • to arrange to meet somebody quedar con alguien
  • to go to meet somebody ir a encontrarse con alguien
  • to meet somebody at the station ir a buscar a alguien a la estación
  • his eyes met mine nuestras miradas se encontraron
  • a remarkable sight met our eyes nos topamos con una vista extraordinaria
  • there's more to this than meets the eye es más complicado de lo que parece
2. conocer (become acquainted with)
  • meet Mr Jones le presento al señor Jones
  • have you met my husband? ¿conoces a mi marido?
3. unirse con, juntarse con (join with)
  • where East meets West donde se encuentran el Oriente y el Occidente
4. satisfacer (satisfy) (demand, need, condition); responder a (objection, criticism); cubrir (cost, expense); servir, cumplir (order)
  • to meet a deadline cumplir (con) un plazo
5. encontrar, encontrarse con (encounter) (danger, difficulties)
  • to meet one's death encontrar la muerte
intransitive verb
6. encontrarse (by accident); quedar, encontrarse (by arrangement)
  • where shall we meet? ¿dónde quedamos?
  • our eyes met nuestras miradas se encontraron
7. conocerse (become acquainted)
8. reunirse (society, assembly)
  • the club meets every Tuesday el club se reúne todos los martes
9. encontrarse, unirse (rivers, continents)
meet [miːt] met (past)
transitive verb
1 (by arrangement) quedar con; verse con; (by chance) encontrarse con; tropezarse con
I'm meeting them for lunch tomorrow he quedado para almorzar con ellos mañana; I had arranged to meet her in town había quedado con ella en el centro; había acordado en verla en el centro; I'll meet you outside the cinema te veré en la entrada del cine; you'll never guess who I met on the bus today! ¿a que no sabes con quién me encontré or me tropecé hoy en el autobús?
meet me at the beach tomorrow at two
we will be meeting the ambassador tomorrow to discuss the situation mañana tendremos un encuentro or una reunión con el embajador para discutir la situación; mañana nos entrevistaremos or nos reuniremos con el embajador para discutir la situación
2 (go/come to get) ir/venir a buscar; (welcome) recibir
we met her at the station la fuimos a buscar a la estación; I'm being met at the airport me vendrán a buscar al aeropuerto; she ran out to meet us salió corriendo a recibirnos; to meet sb off the train ir a esperar a algn a la estación; don't bother to meet me no os molestéis en venir a esperarme
the car will meet the train the bus meets the aircraft
the bus for Aix meets the ten o'clock train el autobús que va a Aix conecta con el tren de las diez
hay correspondencia entre ... Kurt's parents weren't able to meet our plane/flight so we took a taxi Lili and my father met me off the boat
3 (get to know, be introduced to) conocer
I never met him no lo llegué a conocer; I met my wife in 1988 conocí a mi mujer en 1988; meet my brother quiero presentarte a mi hermano; he's the kindest person I've ever met es la persona más amable que he conocido jamás
candidates will be required to meet the committee we met by chance
nice to have met you! ¡encantado de conocerlo!; pleased to meet you! ¡mucho gusto!; ¡encantado de conocerlo!
I am very pleased to meet you
4 (come together with)
where the sea meets the horizon donde el mar se junta con el horizonte; the box met the ground with an almighty thud la caja se estrelló ruidsosamente contra el suelo; the sound which met his ears el sonido que llegó a sus oídos
I met no vehicles coming in the opposite direction to meet sb's [eye] [gaze]
I could not meet his eye no podía mirarle a los ojos; her eyes met her sister's across the table tropezó con la mirada de su hermana al otro lado de la mesa; what a scene met my eyes! ¡el escenario que se presentó ante mis ojos!
5 (come across) [+problem] encontrarse con
almost all retired people meet this problem casi todos los jubilados se encuentran con este problema
I believed I would never meet a problem I could not solve never had she met such spite and pettiness I don't know how I will react the next time I meet a potentially dangerous situation he had never met a problem like it
6 (confront) [+opponent] enfrentarse con; (in duel) batirse con; [+problem] hacer frente a
he met his death or his end in 1800 halló or encontró la muerte en 1800; to meet death calmly enfrentarse con la muerte con tranquilidad
to meet death courageously he met his death at the hands of a soldier no one knows exactly how or where he met his end she was prepared to meet problems as they arose
to meet sth head-on enfrentarse de lleno con algo; hacer frente or plantar cara directamente a algo
She met the problem head-on, with a child's directness Becker will meet Ivanisevich in the final to be met [with]/[by] sth
this suggestion was met with angry protests la gente reaccionó con protestas de indignación ante la sugerencia
the remark was met by cheers their explanations were met with great interest his appointment was met with a mixture of expectation and reservation Reagan's speech was met with incredulity in the US
7 (satisfy) [+need] satisfacer; cubrir; [+demand] atender a; satisfacer; [+wish] satisfacer; [+requirement] cumplir con; [+debt] pagar; [+expense, cost] correr con; hacer frente a; [+obligation] atender a; cumplir con; [+target, goal] alcanzar; [+challenge] hacer frente a; [+expectations] estar a la altura de
he offered to meet the full cost of the repairs se ofreció a correr con or hacer frente a todos los gastos de la reparación; it did not meet our expectations no estuvo a la altura de nuestras expectativas
these policies do little to meet the needs of single mothers the government is unable to meet the demand for housing there were nowhere near enough buses to meet the demand only 120 candidates met the entry requirements how to tailor your application to meet your employer's requirements he found himself in the position of not being able to meet his debts I have difficulty finding the money to meet the monthly repayments the government's unbalanced borrowings to meet the deficit precipitated a panic the government said it will help meet some of the cost of the damage a Foreign Office idea of a separate "protocol" to meet Danish objections to the treaty it will now be easier to meet our target of around 850 units factories that don't meet their production targets to meet that goal, Japan will have to build another 40 reactors it is an enormous challenge but we hope to meet it within 18 months it goes some way towards meeting their wishes
intransitive verb
1 (encounter each other) (by arrangement) quedar; verse; (by chance) encontrarse; (hold meeting) reunirse; [+ambassador, politician] (with interested parties) entrevistarse; reunirse
we could meet for a drink after work podríamos vernos or quedar para tomar una copa después del trabajo; what time shall we meet? ¿a qué hora quieres que quedemos or nos veamos?; let's meet at eight quedemos para las ocho; they arranged to meet at ten quedaron en verse a las diez; the two ministers met to discuss the treaty los dos ministros se entrevistaron or se reunieron para discutir el tratado
officials from the two countries will meet soon to resume negotiations I ask after his wife whenever we meet
to meet again volver a verse; until we meet again! ¡hasta la vista!; ¡hasta pronto!
keep it until we meet again
2 (convene) [+Parliament, club, committee] reunirse
the society meets at eight la sociedad se reúne a las ocho
the class meets in the art room the group meets regularly to exchange experiences the Commission met four times between 1988 and 1991 the Russian Parliament meets today in Moscow when Parliament meets on Monday morning, opposition leaders may try to overturn the edict
3 (get to know one another, be introduced) conocerse
we met in Seville nos conocimos en Sevilla; we have met before nos conocemos ya; have we met? ¿nos conocemos de antes?
4 (come together, join) [+two ends] unirse; [+rivers] confluir; [+roads] empalmar
the jacket was so small the two sides wouldn't meet (in the middle) parallel lines will never meet, however far they are extended where the rivers/the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans meet the roads meet at Toledo
our eyes met cruzamos una mirada; their lips met sus labios se encontraron
5 (confront each other) [+teams, armies] enfrentarse
Bilbao and Valencia will meet in the final el Bilbao se enfrentará con el Valencia en la final; Bilbao y Valencia se disputarán la final
the two women will meet tomorrow in the final England last met the Frnech in 1984, when they lost 2-0 the two armies met at Guilford on 15th March 1781
to meet (sb) in battle librar batalla (con algn)
I was on the windy plains of Troy as Achilles and Hector met in battle they would soon meet in battle men with whom they had been drinking together only a week ago
(Hunting) cacería (f); especially (US) (Dep) encuentro (m)
she managed to get there before the meet moved off to begin the hunt John Pennel became the first person to pole-vault 17 ft, at a meet in Miami, FLorida the new Saratoga racetrack held its first meet. with 26 horses running in 8 races a long-awaited five-nation swimming meet in Moscow
meet [miːt]
[+liter] conveniente; apropiado
it is meet that ... conviene que ...; to be meet for ser apto para
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Gerund: conociendo
Participle: conocido
The irregular conjugations of this verb are in red.
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