wipe out
transitive verb phrase
1. (to cancel) 
a. liquidar (a debt or deficit) 
The lottery win enabled the family to wipe out all their debts in one fell swoop.Al ganar la lotería, la familia pudo liquidar todas sus deudas de un plumazo.
b. eliminar (an advantage or disadvantage) 
The oppostion leader declared that putting an end to corruption would wipe out all the country's problems.El líder de la oposición declaró que poner fin a la corrupción eliminaría todos los problemas del país.
c. hacer perder (the lead) 
A concerted enemy offensive in April wiped out all the gains made by our troops in the preceding months.En abril, una ofensiva enemiga coordinada hizo que nuestras tropas perdieran todas las posiciones ganadas en meses anteriores.
2. (to destroy completely) 
Over-hunting virtually wiped out the American buffalo in the 19th century.En el siglo XIX, la práctica de la caza llevada al exceso estuvo a punto de exterminar el bisonte americano.
b. erradicar 
The vaccination campaign succeeded in wiping out smallpox.La campaña de vacunación consiguió erradicar la viruela.
c. aniquilar 
The invading army wiped out all those who got in its way.El ejército invasor aniquiló a todo aquel que se interpuso en su camino.
The regime used the secret police to wipe out all political opposition.El régimen recurrió a la policía secreta para acabar con toda oposición política que pudiera haber.
Contagious European diseases wiped out many indigenous populations in the Americas.Las enfermedades contagiosas traídas de Europa hicieron desaparecer muchas poblaciones indígenas en América.
3. (to remove) 
a. borrar 
The teacher asked one of her students to wipe out all she had written on the board.La profesora pidió a uno de sus alumnos que borrara todo lo que había escrito en la pizarra.
4. (computing) 
a. borrar 
I pressed the wrong key and wiped out all the data I'd entered.Me equivoqué de tecla y borré todos los datos que había metido.
5. (to erase from memory) 
a. borrar 
He was determined to wipe out the memory of last year's championship defeat, and start afresh.Estaba resuelto a borrar el recuerdo de su derrota del año anterior y empezar de nuevo.
6. (to clean) 
a. limpiar 
Wipe out the saucepan and add some more olive oil.Limpia la cacerola y vuelve a añadir aceite de oliva.
7. (colloquial) (to defeat) 
a. derrotar 
The last time we played them, they wiped us out 18-2.La última vez que jugamos con ellos, nos derrotaron 18-2.
8. (colloquial) (to exhaust) 
a. dejar hecho polvo (colloquial) 
The 500 meter ascent, on top of the 18 kilometers I'd already walked, wiped me out.La subida de 500 metros, añadida a los 18 kilómetros que ya había caminado, me dejó hecha polvo.
9. (colloquial) (to kill) 
a. liquidar (colloquial) 
We'd had orders to wipe out certain members of a rival gang.Habíamos recibido órdenes de liquidar a ciertos miembros de una pandilla rival.
b. borrar del mapa (colloquial) 
I was so mad, if I'd had a gun I would have wiped him out.Estaba tan furioso que, si llego a tener una pistola, lo borro del mapa.
intransitive verb phrase
10. (colloquial) (to lose one's balance) (United States) 
a. caerse 
The surfer wiped out, and the waves sent her and her board hurtling towards the shore.La surfera se cayó, y las olas las lanzaron a ella y a su tabla hacia la orilla.
b. darse un batacazo (colloquial) 
I wiped out trying to avoid another snowboarder.Me di un batacazo tratando de esquivar a otro snowboarder.
wipe out
transitive verb phrase
1. (erase; memory) 
a. borrar 
2. (debt) 
a. saldar 
3. (destroy; family, species) 
a. hacer desaparecer 
wipe out
transitive verb
1 (clean) [+container] limpiar
I emptied the ashtrays and wiped them out
2 (eliminate) [+town, people, army] aniquilar; [+species] exterminar; [+disease] erradicar
experts say if the island is not protected, the spill could wipe out the Gulf's turtle population they started a military campaign to wipe out the guerrilla army in a few years this species could be wiped out all together if action is not taken now to save it smallpox had been more or less wiped out
[+opposition] derrotar de forma aplastante; aniquilar
the man is a fanatic who is determined to wipe out any opposition to the way he conducts himself their brilliant attacking completely wiped out the opposing team
3 (erase) [+past, memory] borrar
the deal that would, in one fell swoop, rewrite history, wipe out the company's past embarrassments he was the only one in the world who could wipe out memories of her terrible experiences the Bills have a chance to wipe out the memory of last year's Super Bowl defeat
4 (cancel) [+debt] liquidar; [+gains] cancelar
they don't see inflation wiping out their paper debt quite so clearly a rescue package through which Maxwell is prepared to wipe out Tottenham's debts the effect of all this may well be to more than wipe out the 24 per cent rise in profits a late round of selling wiped out modest early gains in the New York Stock Market the slump in the pound wiped out any gains won by Chancellor Norman Lamont
5 (exhaust) dejar hecho polvo (informal)
that climb has really wiped me out!
6 (bankrupt) dejar en la ruina or bancarrota
the stock market crash of 1987 wiped him out it was a fine harvest - but falling prices wiped them out
7 (kill) liquidar (informal); borrar del mapa (informal)
the Mafia wanted him wiped out showed the priority the Mafia attached to wiping him out Stinking little savages. Wipe them out, I say. Wipe them off the face of the earth I'll do more than touch you, I'll wipe you out
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