turn up

turn up
transitive verb phrase
1. (to increase) 
a. subir 
I can't hear the music. Turn up the volume.No oigo la múscia. Sube el volumen.
2. (to raise) 
a. subirse 
He turned up his collar on his shirt.Se subió el cuello de la camisa.
3. (to discover) 
a. descubrir 
The archaeologists turned up a 2,000 year old crypt.Los arqueólogos descubrieron una cripta de 2,000 años de antigüedad.
b. revelar 
Investigators working on the case said that a weekend search may have turned up new evidence.Los investigadores que trabajan en el caso dijeron que una redada del fin de semana puede haber revelado nuevas pruebas.
intransitive verb phrase
4. (to appear) 
a. aparecer 
I can't find my other shoe. - It has to be here somewhere. It'll turn up.No encuentro el otro zapato. -Tiene que estar aquí en alguna parte. Aparecerá.
5. (to arrive) 
a. llegar 
The boat was late leaving the harbor because the captain turned up late to work.El buque salió tarde del puerto porque el capitán llegó tarde al trabajo.
b. aparecer 
What time did Juan arrive? - He turned up around 11 am.¿A qué hora llegó Juan? - Apareció como a las 11 am.
c. venir 
We've waited for hours and Gloria still hasn't turned up.Hace horas que esperamos, y Gloria todavía no ha venido.
turn up
transitive verb phrase
1. (trousers) 
a. meter (de abajo) 
to t one's collar upsubirse el cuello
2. (volume, heat) 
a. subir 
intransitive verb
3. (person, lost object) 
a. aparecer 
something is sure to t upseguro que algo aparecerá
turn up
1 (be found) aparecer
has your passport turned up? Don't worry about your ring, I'm sure it'll turn up ...a rare 15th-century spoon, which turned up in an old house in Devon
2 (arrive, show up) [+person] llegar; aparecer; [+playing card etc] salir
we waited but she didn't turn up esperamos pero no apareció; we'll see if anyone turns up veremos si viene alguien; he turned up two hours late llegó con dos horas de retraso; he never turns up at class no asiste nunca a la clase; something will turn up algo saldrá
3 (point upwards) volverse hacia arriba
his nose turns up tiene la nariz respingona
transitive verb
1 [+collar, sleeve, hem] subir
2 [+heat, gas, sound] subir
Would you mind turning the volume up a little?
[+radio etc] poner más fuerte; subir
to turn up the heat (on sth/sb) meter más presión (a algo/algn)
Yazov turned up the heat this week, accusing the Lithuanian authorities of actively blocking the enrolment of draftees for the Soviet forces Today, however, there are signs that the US wants to turn up the heat on the Iraqi ruler Epstein's book turned up the heat on the debate over ...
3 (find) descubrir; desenterrar; [+reference] buscar; consultar; [+evidence, information] sacar a la luz; revelar
Scientists have turned up no useful information on how best to treat it A survey turned up more than 3000 people suffering from ...
4 (dig up) [+earth] revolver; [+buried object] desenterrar; hacer salir a la superficie
5 (disgust)
it really turns me up me revuelve las tripas (informal) or el estómago
6 (Britain) (desist)
turn it up! ¡por favor!
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