turn on

turn on
transitive verb phrase
1. (to cause to function) 
a. prender (a light or an appliance) (Latin America) 
Turn on the lights when you go into the basement.Prende las luces cuando bajes al sótano.
b. abrir (a faucet or water) 
I turned the hot water faucet on, but nothing came out.Abrí el grifo del agua caliente, pero no salió nada.
c. encender (a light or an appliance) 
Turn on the TV. My favorite show is about to start.Enciende el televisor. Mi programa favorito está a punto de empezar.
d. conectar (electricity) 
The supplier hasn't turned on the electricity at our new house yet.El proveedor aún no ha conectado la electricidad en nuestra nueva casa.
2. (colloquial) (to excite) 
a. gustar 
Rock music doesn't turn me on that much; I prefer classical.La música rock no me gusta tanto, prefiero la clásica.
b. prender (colloquial) (sexually) 
It turns me on when my girlfriend kisses my neck.Me prende cuando mi novia me besa el cuello.
c. excitar (sexually) 
I always give her a massage to turn her on.Siempre le doy un masaje para excitarla.
d. poner cachondo (colloquial) (sexually) (Mexico) (Spain) 
Raw oysters never fail to turn them on.Las ostras crudas no fallan en ponerles cachondos.
3. (to go against) 
When he confessed to stealing their money, his friends turned on him.Cuando confesó al robo de su dinero, sus amigos se volvieron en su contra.
intransitive verb phrase
4. (to switch on) 
All the lights suddenly turned on.De pronto se encendieron todas las luces.
b. prenderse (Latin America) 
I wake up when the central heating turns on.Me despierto cuando se prende la calefacción central.
5. (legal) 
The fate of the defendant turns on the judge's decision.El destino del acusado depende de la decisión del juez.
turn on
transitive verb phrase
1. (water, gas) 
a. abrir 
2. (light, tv, engine) 
a. encender 
b. prender (Latin America) 
3. (colloquial) 
a. entusiasmar (excite) 
4. (sexually) 
a. excitar 
b. poner cachondo(a) a (Mexico) 
5. (depend on) 
a. no direct translation 
it all turns on…todo depende de…
turn on
1 [+appliance] encenderse; prender; (LAm)
It turns on automatically
2 (TV) (Rad) [+viewer, listener] encender or prender el receptor; (LAm)
Millions of viewers turn on at 6 o'clock every night
transitive verb
1 [+appliance, electricity] encender; prender; (LAm)
When you arrive, you'll need to turn on the gas and electric (at the mains)
[+tap] abrir; [+light] encender; [+central heating] encender
to leave the radio turned on dejar la radio encendida; to turn on the charm desplegar todos sus encantos
He really knows how to turn on the charm, doesn't he?
2 (excite) interesar; despertar; (sexually) excitar
he doesn't turn me on no me chifla (informal); whatever turns you on lo que te guste; lo que quieras
intransitive verb
to turn on sb volverse contra algn
the dog turned on him they turned on him and accused him of treachery He went to pat the dog and it turned on him It was terrible to see his former friends turning on him and accusing him of treachery
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