transitive verb
1. (to behave toward) 
a. tratar 
Don't treat me that way.No me trates de esa manera.
I treat everyone equally.Trato a todos por igual.
2. (to consider) 
a. tomarse 
You shouldn't treat it as a joke.No deberías tomártelo a broma.
3. (to handle) 
a. tratar 
You should treat your camera more carefully.Tienes que tratar la cámara con más cuidado.
b. llevarse 
I regret how the situation was treated.Lamento la forma en la que se llevó la situación.
4. (medicine) 
a. tratar 
A specialist can treat your condition better than I can.Un especialista tratará tu enfermedad mejor que yo.
5. (to invite) 
a. invitar 
Let me treat you for once.Deja que te invite por una vez.
6. (to indulge in) 
I treated myself to a weekend at the spa.Me di el lujo de pasar un fin de semana en un spa.
7. (to apply) 
a. tratar 
The walls are treated with a chemical.Se han tratado las paredes con un producto químico.
8. (something special) 
If you behave, I will give you a treat.Si se portan bien, les daré una sorpresa.
9. (pleasure) 
a. el placer (M) 
It's a treat to see the entire family together.Es un placer ver reunida a toda la familia.
b. el lujo (M) 
I gave myself a treat today and slept in.Me di el lujo de levantarme tarde hoy.
10. (invitation) 
a. no direct translation 
Don't worry about the price. This is our treat.No se preocupen por el precio. Pagamos nosotros.
Please, let me. This is my treat.No, no pagues. Invito yo.
1. (pleasure) 
a. el placer (M) 
2. (gift) 
a. el regalo (M) 
to give oneself a treatdarse un capricho
it's my treatyo invito
you've got a real treat in storete espera or
3. (colloquial) (United Kingdom) 
a. no direct translation 
it worked a treatfuncionó a las mil maravillas
transitive verb
4. (person, illness, metal) 
a. tratar 
to treat something as a joketomarse algo a broma
you treat this place like a hotel!¡te comportas como si esto fuera un hotel!
5. (give as a present) 
a. no direct translation 
to treat somebody to somethinginvitar a alguien a algo
I'll treat youte invito
to treat oneself to somethingdarse el capricho de comprarse algo
6. (ironic) 
a. no direct translation 
she treated us to one of her tantrumsnos deleitó con una de sus rabietas
intransitive verb
7. (formal) 
a. negociar (negotiate) 
treat [triːt]
1 (something special)
I've bought a few little treats for the children les he comprado unas cosillas or unas chucherías a los niños
they have a treat in store fans of the programme have got a treat in store with the release of a new video If you haven't seen this film yet, there's a treat in store for the whole family she always returned from town with a special treat for him chocolate icecream, my favourite treat
a birthday/Christmas treat un regalo de cumpleaños/Navidad
the trip was to be a 30th birthday treat for his girlfriend as a birthday treat I let my son invite some friends to go to the cinema The only day his old friend could see him was Grace's eighteenth birthday. The timing couldn't have been more perfect: he would simply tell her he had to go up to town for a conference and ask if she'd come along as a birthday treat
as or for a (special) treat como algo (muy) especial
for a special treat, serve with whipped cream he took her out for a meal as a treat Granny gave us lemonade and ice cream as a special treat he took me to the zoo as a special treat as a treat we were sometimes taken to the pictures
to give sb a treat obsequiar a algn con algo especial
you should give her a treat as a reward for her good grades deberías obsequiarla con algo especial en premio a sus buenas notas; I wanted to give myself a treat quería darme un gusto or permitirme un lujo
she gave her fans an unexpected treat yesterday with an astonishing trick shot I decided to give him a treat as he'd been so good all day give Mum a treat with a special Mother's Day Concorde flight MARTINA Navratilova gave her fans an unexpected treat yesterday with an astonishing trick shot GRACE James yesterday scooped Pounds 1,000 in our RICH game, and plans to give her seven grandchildren a treat when they arrive on a visit next week give yourself a special treat: a massage and pedicure Going to the cinema is about giving yourself a treat and there's nothing wrong in that
viewers are in for a treat this weekend los televidentes se llevarán una agradable sorpresa este fin de semana
the trip to the cinema was an unexpected treat fue una agradable sorpresa que me llevara al cine
2 (offer to pay)
"I'll pay" — "no, this is my treat" —yo pago —no, invito yo
let's go to the pictures - my treat (it's) my treat
to stand sb a treat invitar a algn
3 (pleasure) placer (m); gusto (m)
it was a treat to see him happy again era un placer or daba gusto volver a verle feliz
the final goal was a real treat it was no treat to see their disappointed faces
4 (as adv) (Britain)
the garden is coming on a treat el jardín va de maravilla (informal)
this wine goes down a treat este vino sienta de maravilla (informal)
you look a treat in that dress he had the car serviced and it works a treat now the meal went down a treat
take this powder for a headache, it works a treat tómate estos polvos para el dolor de cabeza, hacen milagros or son mano de santo (informal)
transitive verb
1 (behave towards) [+person, animal] tratar; (handle) [+object] manejar
we were treated with respect/contempt nos trataron con respeto/desprecio; to treat sb well/badly tratar bien/mal a algn
she adored him but he didn't treat her well she treated her dogs very badly
the chemical should be treated with caution este producto químico debería manejarse con cuidado
to treat sb like a child tratar a algn como a un niño
how's life treating you these days? ¿cómo te va la vida últimamente?
why was I being treated differently from the others? to treat sth/sb [as] sth women don't like being treated [as] sex objects to treat sth/sb [like] sth everybody treats you like a member of the family people treat him like a celebrity
to treat sb like dirt tratar a algn a patadas (informal); tratar a algn como a un perro (informal)
to treat sth/sb [with] sth he treated most women with indifference most of the men treated him with contempt or pity my new colleagues treated me with kindness
2 (consider, view) tratar
his statements should be treated with caution hay que tomar sus declaraciones con cautela
to treat sth as a joke tomarse algo a risa
this is not a subject that should be treated lightly este no es un asunto para ser tratado a la ligera
police are treating the threats seriously la policía está tratando las amenazas como un asunto serio
the affair is being treated very seriously by the government police are treating it as suspected murder when David persisted in treating it as a joke, Freddy insisted he was serious housing must be treated as a priority
3 (deal with) [+subject] tratar
the issues should be treated separately los asuntos se deberían tratar por separado
counselling groups that treat topics such as basic communication, sex, domestic violence
4 (invite) invitar
I'm treating you yo te invito
to treat sb to sth invitar or convidar a algn a algo
she was always treating him to ice cream siempre le invitaba or convidaba a un helado; siempre le estaba comprando helados; he treated us to a monologue on the virtues of abstinence nos soltó un monólogo sobre las virtudes de la abstinencia
week in, week out, we are treated to the same old hyped-up, dirty, goalless football viewers were treated to the sight of two special guests complaining on air that the interviewer was biased
to treat o.s to sth darse el gusto or permitirse el lujo de (hacer) algo; we treated ourselves to a meal out nos dimos el gusto or nos permitimos el lujo de comer fuera; he treated himself to another drink se permitió otra copa
go on — treat yourself! ¡venga, date el gusto or el lujo!
tomorrow I'll treat myself to a day's gardening I treated myself to a new hair-do
5 (Med) [+patient] tratar; atender; [+illness] tratar
which doctor is treating you? ¿qué médico te atiende or trata?; the condition can be treated successfully with antibiotics la enfermedad se puede curar con antibióticos
doctors treated her with aspirin a consultant who specialises in treating Aids patients doctors use antibiotics to treat these infections it cures the disease rather than treating the symptoms
they were treated for shock recibieron tratamiento por shock; do not try and treat yourself no intente automedicarse
you are advised to seek the help of a medically qualified herbalist and not to try and treat yourself to treat sb [for] sth the boy was treated for a minor head wound
6 (process) [+wood, crops, sewage] tratar
what do you use to treat the timber? soils which have been intensely treated with chemical fertilizer 95 per cent of root crops are treated with chemicals dried or pulped apples treated with sulphur dioxide, antioxidants, preservatives shatter-proof visors, which are treated with a coating so that water runs straight off A filter treats the water as it flows into the kitchen supply it was many years before the city began to treat its sewage
intransitive verb
1 (negotiate)
to treat with sb negociar con algn
they might assume we were treating with the terrorists it is no good treating with men whose motives are so limited US commentators have suggested that Mr Vance is supping with the devil by treating with Mr Milosevic
2 (deal with)
to treat of sth [+author] tratar algo; [+book, article] versar sobre algo
he was perplexed by the book and concluded that `To treat of it properly would require the hand of one who had got somewhere near the perfection described in it as being attainable"
that part of Christian theology that treats of the afterlife The sciences, which treat of general facts, are politics, natural philosophy, physic, chemistry etc
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