throw up
intransitive verb phrase
1. (to vomit) 
a. devolver (colloquial) 
Seeing all that dog poop make me want to throw up.Ver toda esa caca de perro me hace dar ganas de devolver.
b. vomitar 
The doctor asked Amanda what time she started throwing up.El doctor le preguntó a Amanda a qué hora empezó a vomitar.
transitive verb phrase
2. (to toss up) 
a. lanzar 
Kevin threw a ball up to his brother, who was on the balcony.Kevin le lanzó una pelota a su hermano, quien estaba en el balcón.
3. (to raise) 
a. levantar 
Patrick threw up his hands in frustration over the bank's bureaucracy.Patrick levantó sus manos en frustración por la burocracia del banco.
4. (to vomit) 
a. devolver (colloquial) 
Sandy ate lunch before riding the rollercoaster, and afterwards she threw up her lunch.Sandy almorzó antes de subirse a la montaña rusa y después devolvió todo el almuerzo.
b. vomitar 
Bernardo tried to eat his aunt's stew, but it tasted so awful that he threw it all up.Bernardo intentó comer el estofado de su tía, pero le supo tan horrible que lo vomitó todo.
5. (to build rapidly) 
a. construir 
The builders threw up the shopping center in less than three months.Los constructores construyeron el centro comercial en menos de tres meses.
6. (old-fashioned) (to give up) 
a. dejar 
Tired of being berated every day by his boss, Bob decided to throw up his job.Cansado de ser regañado a diario por su jefe, Bob decidió dejar su trabajo.
7. (to give rise to) 
a. levantar 
The horses threw up dust as they galloped along the dirt path.Los caballos levantaban polvo al galopar por el sendero de tierra.
8. (to produce) (United Kingdom) 
a. dar 
My research in the manuscripts section of the library threw up some interesting results.Mis investigaciones en la sección de manuscritos en la biblioteca dieron unos resultados interesantes.
b. producir 
The detective did an online search for a fugitive, and the search engine threw up some useful information.El detective hizo una búsqueda de un fugitivo en línea, y el buscador produjo algo de información útil.
9. (to bring to light) (United Kingdom) 
a. revelar 
The new mayor threw up the questionable results of the audit of the previous administration.El nuevo alcalde reveló los resultados dudosos de la auditoría de la administración anterior.
throw up
transitive verb phrase
1. (raise) 
a. no direct translation 
to t up one's handsecharse las manos a la cabeza
2. (reveal; facts, information) 
a. poner de manifiesto 
3. (abandon; career) 
a. abandonar 
intransitive verb
4. (colloquial) 
a. devolver, echar la papilla (vomit) 
throw up
(vomit) devolver (informal); vomitar
it makes me want to throw up me da ganas de devolver (informal); me da asco
he had to rush to the lavatory to throw up I ran back to the bathroom and threw up
transitive verb
1 [+object] lanzar or echar al aire; [+dust] levantar; [+sparks] echar
he threw the ball up and caught it several times the impact would have thrown up clouds of dust
to throw up one's hands in horror llevarse las manos a la cabeza horrorizado
she threw up her hands in horror he threw up his hands in horror
2 especially (Britain) (produce, bring to light) [+result] dar; producir; [+idea, dilemma] producir; [+problem] crear
the diary threw up questions, not answers the research has thrown up some interesting results the meeting threw up several good ideas they grappled with the problems thrown up by the depression the West has learned to live with the moral dilemma thrown up by the Arab-Israeli dispute by applying double standards the political struggle threw up a strong leader one of the most important leaders thrown up by the Troubles
3 (give up) [+job, task, studies] dejar
she threw up her job and went travelling around Europe Philip thought he had found the perfect excuse for throwing up his job and returning to England she threw up her course and went back to work
4 (make quickly) [+building] construir rápidamente
lots of blocks of flats in the sixties were just thrown up and now they are showing signs of disrepair I watched a troupe of travelling actors throw up a wooden stage. youths threw up barricades on the streets
5 (vomit) devolver (informal); vomitar
with any luck he's thrown up most of the alcohol he had drunk he thought that he might throw up his breakfast
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