throw out

throw out
transitive verb phrase
1. (to throw away) 
a. tirar 
We threw out the old sofa and bought a new one.Tiramos el sofá viejo y compramos uno nuevo.
b. botar (Latin America) 
You're not going to throw that sweater out, are you? You only bought it a couple of months ago.No vas a botar ese suéter, ¿verdad? Hace apenas un par de meses que lo compraste.
2. (to reject) 
a. rechazar 
Councillors threw out controversial plans to close two schools.Los concejales rechazaron el controvertido plan de cerrar dos escuelas.
3. (to eject) 
a. echar 
I'm not going to throw my own son out onto the streets.No pienso echar a mi propio hijo a la calle.
b. expulsar 
They threw him out of college when he was caught dealing drugs.Lo expulsaron de la universidad cuando lo agarraron vendiendo drogas.
4. (to emit) 
a. despedir 
He poked the logs around and the fire began to throw out more heat.Removió la leña y el fuego empezó a despedir más calor.
5. (to put forward) 
He threw out a casual remark to the effect that he might be interested in selling the property.Dejó caer un comentario en el que dio a entender que le podría interesar vender la propiedad.
6. (to make inaccurate) 
When we found out we were expecting twins, it threw out all our calculations.La noticia de que esperábamos gemelos desbarató todos nuestros cálculos.
7. (to confuse) 
He was nothing like how people had described him, which threw me out somewhat.No era en absoluto como la gente lo había pintado, cosa que me desconcertó un poco.
throw out
transitive verb phrase
1. (eject; person) 
a. echar 
2. (thing) 
a. tirar 
3. (proposal) 
a. rechazar 
to t somebody out of workechar a alguien del trabajo
4. (emit; light, heat) 
a. despedir 
throw out
transitive verb
1 (throw away) [+rubbish, old clothes] tirar; botar; (LAm)
it's no use anymore, throw it out the broken cooking pots were thrown out
2 (expel) [+person] (from organization, team) echar; (from country) expulsar; echar
the Party threw out the militant tendency you'll get yourself thrown out if you're not careful
he was thrown out of the team lo echaron del equipo
3 (reject) [+proposal] rechazar; (Jur) [+case, claim] desestimar; rechazar; (Parl) [+bill] rechazar
the judge was asked to throw out the case But a judge in Indianapolis threw out the argument A tribunal in central London yesterday threw out their claims for unfair dismissal he threw out the scripts for twenty-six planned episodes He has only slightly changed the original bill, thrown out by Law Lords earlier this year
4 (make) [+idea, suggestion, remark] soltar
5 (emit) [+heat] despedir; emitir; [+smoke, lava] arrojar
the chimneys were throwing out huge plumes of smoke
6 (disconcert) [+person] desconcertar; dejar totalmente confundido
his proposal threw me out completely
7 (make wrong) [+calculation, prediction] desbaratar; dar al traste con
your mistakes have thrown out all our calculations if we have to pay over the odds for paper, it will completely throw out the budget
to throw out one's chest sacar pecho
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