transitive verb
1. (to beat) 
a. dar una paliza (colloquial) 
I was sure those guys were going to thrash me within an inch of my life when the cops showed up.Estaba seguro de que esos tipos me iban a dar una paliza hasta el punto de matarme cuando apareció la poli.
b. azotar (punishment) 
The dungeon keeper thrashed the prisoner for trying to escape.El calabocero azotó al prisionero por haber tratado de escaparse.
c. golpear 
When she came outside, Rita saw that Carlos was thrashing his younger brother.Cuando salió, Rita vio que Carlos estaba golpeando a su hermano menor.
d. apalear 
I'll thrash you if I ever see you touch my sister again.Te apalearé si te vuelvo a ver tocar a mi hermana.
2. (colloquial) (figurative) (to defeat soundly) 
The Bulls thrashed the Miami Heat last night, 100-70.Los Bulls le dieron una paliza al Miami Heat anoche, 100-70.
3. (to shake) 
a. sacudir 
The maid thrashed the rug to get every last speck of dirt out of it.La criada sacudió el tapete para quitarle hasta la última mota de polvo.
intransitive verb
4. (to flail) 
a. revolverse (pronominal verb) 
The criminal thrashed about in attempts to break free.El criminal se revolvió por todas partes en un intento por liberarse.
b. revolcarse (pronominal verb) 
The kids thrashed and splashed in the pool.Los chicos se revolcaban y se salpicaban en la piscina.
transitive verb
1. (also fig) 
a. dar una paliza a 
thrash [θræʃ]
transitive verb
1 (beat) golpear; [+person] apalear; dar una paliza a; (as punishment) azotar;
2 (defeat) dar una paliza a (informal); cascar (informal)
3 (also thrash about) (also thrash around) [+legs, arms] agitar mucho
wakes up at night thrashing her arms about and fighting off imaginary enemies
intransitive verb
(also thrash about) (also thrash around) revolverse; (in water) revolcarse
he thrashed about with his stick daba golpes por todos lados con su bastón; they were thrashing about in the water se estaban revolcando en el agua
(Britain) juerga (f); fiesta (f)
they were throwing a thrash for her at his flat a twenty-first birthday thrash We don't want a big showbusiness thrash
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