take to
transitive verb phrase
1. (to form the habit of) 
a. dar por 
Since I gave him that book, Daniel has taken to making his own sausages.Desde que le regalé ese libro a Daniel, le ha dado por hacer sus propios embutidos.
b. darse a 
Colin took to drinking after his wife left him.Colin se dio a la bebida después de que su esposa lo dejó.
c. empezar a 
My grandfather has taken to wandering off and forgetting how to get home.Mi abuelo ha empezado a irse por ahí y olvidar como regresar a casa.
2. (to start liking) 
Looks like Juana is really taking to your brother.Parece que Juana se está encariñando mucho con tu hermano.
You've really taken to cricket since moving to the UK, haven't you?Te has aficionado mucho al críquet desde que te mudaste al Reino Unido, ¿verdad?
3. (to go toward) 
a. irse 
The cimarrones took to the hills, where they were able to preserve many of their African traditions.Los cimarrones se fueron al monte, donde lograron conservar muchas de sus tradiciones africanas.
b. meterse (bed) 
The duchess took to her bed after dinner.La duquesa se metió en la cama después de la cena.
take to
transitive verb phrase
1. (go to) 
to t to one's heelsdarse a la fuga
to t to one's bedmeterse en la cama
to t to the hillsecharse al monte
2. (adopt habit) 
to t to doing somethingadquirir la costumbre de hacer algo, empezar a hacer algo
to t to drinkdarse a la bebida
3. (like) 
I took to themme cayeron bien
take to
intransitive verb
1 (form liking for) [+person] tomar cariño a algn; encariñarse con algn; [+sport] aficionarse a; [+surroundings, idea] hacerse a
she didn't take kindly to the idea no le gustó or no le hizo gracia la idea; they took to one another on the spot se congeniaron al instante; I didn't much take to him no me resultó simpático
I just can't take to him
2 (form habit of)
to take to doing sth: she took to inviting them round every Sunday empezó a invitarles a casa todos los domingos; she took to telling everyone that ... le dio por contar a todos que ...
3 (escape to)
to take to one's bed guardar cama; to take to drink darse a la bebida
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