take a risk

take a risk
1. (to run a risk) 
Since I had little prior experience, they took a risk when they hired me.Como tenía poca experiencia anterior, se arriesgaron al contratarme.
The directors don't want to take a risk if it's not going to pay off.Los directores no quieren asumir un riesgo si no va a valer la pena.
2. (used to address more than one person) 
a. arriésguense (plural) 
Be bold! Take a risk! This industry is for the innovative.¡Sean atrevidos! ¡Arriésguense! Esta industria es para el innovador.
intransitive verb phrase
3. (used to address one person) 
a. arriésgate (informal) (singular) 
Don't be such a square! Take a risk!¡No seas tan mojigato! ¡Arriésgate!
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