intransitive verb
1. (to experience physical or mental pain) 
a. sufrir 
Leave her alone. ¿Don't you think she's already suffered enough?Déjala en paz. ¿No te parece que ya ha sufrido bastante?
2. (to experience illness or injury; used with "from") 
a. sufrir 
She suffers from chronic headaches.Sufre dolores de cabeza crónicos.
b. padecer 
Millions of people suffer from hunger in the world.Millones de personas padecen hambre en el mundo.
c. padecer de (an illness) 
I've always suffered from anxiety.Siempre he padecido de ansiedad.
3. (to worsen) 
His health has suffered from his addictions.Su salud se ha resentido por sus adicciones.
The city's infrastructure has suffered due to the crisis.Las infraestructuras urbanas se han visto afectadas por la crisis.
transitive verb
4. (to experience) 
a. sufrir 
She suffered a bad fall when she was 12.Sufrió una mala caída a los 12 años.
b. padecer 
He suffered a psychotic break from all of the stress.Padeció un brote psicótico por todo el estrés.
5. (to endure) 
a. tolerar 
I will not suffer this type of behavior in my class.No voy a tolerar este tipo de comportamiento en mi clase.
b. soportar 
We had to suffer the insults of an important client.Tuvimos que soportar los insultos de un cliente importante.
c. aguantar 
She cannot suffer his presence. She despises him.No aguanta su presencia. Lo desprecia.
transitive verb
1. (loss, defeat, consequences) 
a. sufrir 
2. (pain, sorrow) 
a. sufrir, padecer 
3. (tolerate) 
a. aguantar, soportar 
she doesn't suffer fools gladlyno les da ningún cuartel a los tontos
intransitive verb
4. (general) 
a. sufrir 
your health/work will sufferse resentirá tu salud/trabajo
suffer [ˈsʌfəʳ]
transitive verb
1 (experience) [+pain, hardship] sufrir; padecer; [+loss, decline, setback] sufrir; experimentar
Romania suffered another setback in its efforts to obtain financial support for its reforms
to suffer a heart attack sufrir un infarto; the peace process has suffered a serious blow el proceso de paz ha sufrido or experimentado un serio contratiempo
The rebels have suffered heavy casualties in fighting this week The army had suffered a humiliating [defeat]
to suffer the same fate as sufrir la misma suerte que; to suffer the consequences sufrir las consecuencias
2 (tolerate) [+opposition, rudeness] soportar; aguantar
I can't suffer it a moment longer no lo soporto or aguanto un minuto más; to suffer sb to do sth (Literat) permitir que algn haga algo
But the woman had observed, from the young wanderer's gait, that one of her little feet was blistered and sore, and being a woman and a mother too, she would not suffer her to go until she had washed the place and applied some simple remedy Gladly would I have lingered round the place for hours, in the hope of catching at least one distant glimpse of her before I went, but it must not be: I must not suffer her to see me to suffer fools gladly
he/she doesn't suffer fools gladly no soporta a los imbéciles
intransitive verb
1 (experience pain) sufrir
There are few who have not suffered.. It is obvious that Syria will suffer most from this change of heart
to suffer for sth sufrir las consecuencias de algo
you'll suffer for this! ¡me las pagarás!; I'll make him suffer for it! ¡me las pagará!
he suffered for it later
to suffer for one's sins expiar sus pecados
her alcoholism was a long time ago - so how long must she be made to suffer for her sins?
to make sb suffer hacer sufrir a algn
to suffer in silence sufrir en silencio
to suffer from sth (experience)
the house is suffering from neglect la casa está en un cierto estado de abandono; Madrid suffers from overcrowding Madrid adolece de superpoblación; to suffer from an illness padecer una enfermedad
he's suffering from terminal cancer
they were suffering from shock se encontraban en estado de shock; to suffer from the effects of alcohol sufrir los efectos del alcohol; to suffer from the effects of a fall resentirse de una caída
3 (worsen) [+studies, business, eyesight, health] verse afectado; resentirse
Investment would suffer badly.. I'm not surprised that your studies are suffering
sales have suffered badly las ventas se han visto afectadas seriamente
as a result of the long hours he worked his health suffered
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