stand for

stand for
transitive verb phrase
1. (to mean) 
AIDS stands for acquired immune deficiency syndrome.SIDA significa síndrome de inmunodeficiencia adquirida.
2. (to symbolize) 
The yellow color in my country's flag stands for all the riches of the land.El color amarillo en la bandera de mi país representa las riquezas de la tierra.
3. (to uphold) 
a. defender 
Our country has always stood for liberty and justice.Nuestro país siempre ha defendido la libertad y la justicia.
4. (to tolerate) 
a. aguantar 
The government has been infringing on our rights more and more, and we won't stand for it any longer!El gobierno ha estado violando nuestros derechos cada vez más, ¡y ya no lo aguantaremos!
b. tolerar 
The teacher told the students she wouldn't stand for bad behavior.La maestro les dijo a los alumnos que no toleraría el mal comportamiento.
stand for
transitive verb phrase
1. (mean) 
a. significar, querer decir 
2. (represent) 
a. representar 
3. (tolerate) 
a. aguantar, soportar 
stand for
intransitive verb
1 (represent) [+abbreviation] significar
MP stands for Member of Parliament MP significa Miembro del Parlamento; A stands for apple M es de manzana; here a dash stands for a word aquí una raya representa una palabra
2 (support) [+principle, honesty] representar
Our party stands for equality of opportunity I dislike all he stands for
3 (permit) permitir; (tolerate) admitir
I won't stand for that eso no lo admito; I'll not stand for your whims any longer no aguanto tus caprichos un momento más
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