spring up

spring up
intransitive verb
1. (jump to one's feet) 
a. levantarse de un brinco 
2. (appear suddenly) 
a. brotar, surgir (de la noche a la mañana) 
spring up
1 [+building, settlement, organization] surgir; [+plant, weeds] brotar; [+wind, storm] levantarse; [+doubt, rumour, friendship] surgir; nacer
health food shops are springing up in every high street In the last six years, houses had sprung up out of nowhere on the Valley's hills holiday villas are springing up all over the place New homes began springing up in the fields like mushroom self-help groups that have sprung up around the country to help people with one kind of addiction or another a thriving black market has sprung up in answer to the ban the plethora of television production companies which have sprung up over the last 10 years the flowers seemed to spring up overnight Ash and oak seedlings springing up between the great shadowing trees Immediately a well of pure water sprang up where the monk had knelt a strong wind had sprung up suddenly over the lake he knew storms could spring up out of nowhere A friendship between the two women had sprung up the longer you've known me, the more doubts spring up in your mind
2 [+person] (from chair) levantarse de un salto
Lane sprang up and got his jeans on
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