shoot up

shoot up
intransitive verb
1. (plants, children) 
a. crecer con rapidez 
2. (buildings) 
a. levantarse con rapidez 
3. (rocket) 
a. elevarse a gran velocidad 
4. (prices) 
a. dispararse 
5. (colloquial) 
a. pincharse (inject drugs) 
b. chutarse (Spain) 
shoot up
1 (move upwards rapidly) [+prices, value, temperature] dispararse; [+hand, head] alzarse de repente; [+eyebrows] arquearse de repente; [+smoke, flames, water] salir disparado
every hand in the classroom shot up todas las manos de la clase se alzaron de repente; todo el mundo en la clase alzó la mano de repente
production and productivity shot up almost overnight prices are shooting up the market value of the property shot up His fever shot up dangerously his head shot up when he heard her voice Schwartz's eyebrows shot up in surprise To Gwendolen's surprise, many hands shot up, including that of Amanda Then another streak of orange smoke shot up into the sky the fountain consists of /ten jets of water that shoot up 50ft into the air/ we poured petrol onto the fire and the flames shot up
2 (grow quickly) [+plant] crecer rápidamente
your son's shot up over the last few months tu hijo ha dado un estirón en estos últimos meses (informal)
lush weeds shot up in the warm sun
3 [+drug user] chutarse (informal); pincharse (informal)
drug addicts shoot up in back alleys
transitive verb
1 [+town, district] barrer a tiros or balazos; [+vehicle] coser a tiros or balazos
he's pretty badly shot up, but he'll live ha recibido bastantes tiros, pero sobrevivirá
The bus was badly shot up in an ambush Ali Mahdi's gunmen shot up a Range Rover that belonged to General Mohamed it would have shot up the train with cannon fire
2 [+drugs] chutarse (informal); pincharse (informal)
we shot up heroin in the playground
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