transitive verb
1. (to save) 
a. rescatar 
He was rescued right when he was about to fall off.Lo rescataron cuando estaba a punto de caerse.
b. salvar 
The lifeguards rescued me from drowning.Los socorristas me salvaron de ahogarme.
2. (act of rescuing) 
Just when we thought we were going to die, a helicopter came to the rescue.Justo cuando pensábamos que íbamos a morir, vino un helicóptero al rescate.
Did you see the rescue of that puppy on the news?¿Viste el salvamento de ese cachorro en las noticias?
1. (general) 
a. el rescate (M) 
to come to somebody's rescueacudir al rescate de alguien
rescue servicesservicios de salvamento
transitive verb
2. (general) 
a. rescatar 
rescue [ˈreskjuː]
rescate (m); salvamento (m)
the hero of the rescue was ... el héroe del rescate or salvamento fue ...; to come/go to sb's rescue acudir en auxilio de algn; socorrer a algn; to the rescue! ¡al socorro!; Batman to the rescue! ¡Batman acude a la llamada!
transitive verb
salvar; rescatar
three men were rescued se salvaron tres hombres; they waited three days to be rescued esperaron tres días hasta ser rescatados; to rescue sb from death salvar a algn de la muerte; the rescued man is in hospital el hombre rescatado está en el hospital
rescue attempt (n) tentativa (f) de salvamento; tentativa (f) de rescate
rescue dig (n) excavación (f) de urgencia
rescue operations (n) operaciones (f) de salvamento; operaciones (f) de rescate
rescue package (n) (Pol) (Comm) paquete (m) de medidas urgentes
...a Western rescue package for President Gorbachev It's reported that he was planning to put 6 billion dollars into a rescue package for the troubled bank
rescue party (n) equipo (m) de salvamento; equipo (m) de rescate
rescue services (n) servicios (m) de rescate; servicios (m) de salvamento
rescue team (n)
rescue party See culture box in entry rescue.
rescue vessel (n) buque (m) de salvamento
rescue work (n) operación (f) de salvamento; operación (f) de rescate
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