transitive verb
1. (to free) 
a. liberar 
The king has proclaimed that he will release all prisoners of war. El rey ha proclamado que liberará a todos los prisioneros de guerra.
b. soltar 
I opened the cage and released the bird.Abrí la jaula y solté al pájaro.
Officials decided to release the prisoner due to lack of evidence against him.Los oficiales decidieron poner el preso en libertad por falta de evidencia en su contra.
2. (to stop holding) 
a. soltar 
Release my hand, sir!¡Suéltame la mano, señor!
3. (to make public) 
a. lanzar 
I'm so excited that the Clockwork Oranges have released their new album.Estoy tan emocionada que las Naranjas Mecánicas hayan lanzado su nuevo álbum.
b. estrenar (cinema) 
Do you know when they're going to release the new fantasy movie?¿No sabes cuándo van a estrenar la nueva película de fantasía?
4. (to emit) 
a. deprender 
If a factory releases harmful fumes, it ought to be closed.Si una fábrica desprende gases nocivos, debería cerrarse.
b. emitir 
Some plants release a pleasant odor when crushed.Algunas plantas emiten un olor agradable al molerse.
5. (freedom from incarceration) 
The release of the political prisoner was a calculated move.La liberación del preso político fue una jugada calculada.
His release generated a positive reaction from the Hispanic community.Su puesta en libertad generó una respuesta positiva de la comunidad hispana.
6. (publication) 
a. la publicación (F) (literary) 
The bookstore will be celebrating the release of Isabel Allende's new novel on Tuesday.La librería celebrará la publicación de la nueva novela de Isabel Allende el martes.
b. el lanzamiento (M) (literary) 
She's going to organize a party to celebrate the release of her novel.Va a organizar una fiesta para celebrar el lanzamiento de su nueva novela.
c. la puesta en venta (F) (records) 
The date for the release of their new album has been announced on social media.La fecha de la puesta en venta de su nuevo disco se anunció por las redes sociales.
d. el estreno (M) (cinema) 
The release of the movie provoked a backlash against the meat industry.El estreno de la película provocó una reacción violenta contra la industria cárnica.
e. el comunicado (M) (written message) 
The government issued a release condemning the recent riots. El gobierno publicó un comunicado para condenar las manifestaciones recientes.
7. (recording) 
a. el disco (M) (music) 
Their new release already has 10,000 downloads. Su nuevo disco ya tiene 10,000 descargas.
b. el estreno (M) (cinema) 
All new releases are shown in the biggest theater.Todos los nuevos estrenos se proyectan en la sala más grande.
8. (emission of gases) 
The release of toxic gases into the atmosphere is a concern for all of us.La emisión de los gases tóxicos a la atmósfera es problema de todos.
9. (relaxation) 
a. el alivio (M) 
Practicing yoga always makes me feel a sense of release.Practicar el yoga siempre me da un sentimiento de alivio.
1. (of prisoner) 
a. la liberación (F) 
2. (of gas) 
a. la emisión (F) 
3. (from care, worry) 
a. el alivio (M) 
4. (of book, record) 
a. la publicación (F) 
5. (of film) 
a. el estreno (M) 
new releasesnovedades fpl (discográficas)
to be on general releaseestar en cartel
transitive verb
6. (prisoner) 
a. liberar, soltar 
7. (gas, fumes) 
a. desprender, emitir 
8. (balloon, bomb, brake) 
a. soltar 
9. (funds) 
a. desbloquear 
to release somebody from an obligationliberar a alguien de una obligación
to release somebody's handsoltar la mano a alguien
10. (book, record) 
a. publicar 
11. (film) 
a. estrenar 
12. (news, information) 
a. hacer público(a) 
release [rɪˈliːs]
1 (liberation) [of prisoner, hostage] liberación (f); puesta (f) en libertad; [of convict] excarcelación (f); puesta (f) en libertad
his release came through on Monday se aprobó su excarcelación el lunes; la orden de su puesta en libertad llegó el lunes; on his release from prison he ... al salir de la cárcel ...; complications have delayed his release from hospital ciertas complicaciones han impedido que se le dé de alta todavía
the release of the prisoners by the allied forces he called for the immediate release of all political prisoners negotiations to secure the release of the hostages a few days before his release from the county hospital our mother died psychologists and psychiatrists will decide whether a convict is suitable for early release /the release of staff for training purposes/ is actively encouraged
2 (relief) alivio (m)
death came as a merciful release la muerte fue una bendición or un gran alivio
art provides a welcome release from her stressful job our therapeutic style offers release from stored tensions, traumas and grief they look on life at college as a blessed release from the obligation to work she felt the sudden sweet release of her own tears that first day brought her a feeling of release after I shot Taylor I felt a release from all the pent-up emotions and turmoil he was looking for some form of release from an unbearable situation
3 (issue) [of film] estreno (m); [of record, video] puesta (f) en venta; [of book] puesta (f) en venta or circulación; [of news] publicación (f)
the film will be ready for release in June the video has sold three million copies in its first three weeks on release following the release of their third album the release of the news was timed to coincide with the Princess's visit it had taken 13m dollars in its first two weeks [on] release
to be on general release exhibirse en todos los cines
4 (record, book, film, video)
their new release is called ... su nuevo disco se llama ...; the pick of this month's video releases las mejores novedades en vídeo or video de este mes; (LAm)
the latest release from Robert Redford's own production company
new releases (records) novedades (f) discográficas; (films) nuevas producciones (f); (books) nuevas publicaciones (f)
of the new releases that are out there now, which do you think are really good? the record industry is looking for Guns N" Roses to kick off a wave of big new releases by Prince, U2, Barbara Streisand and others Good reads among the new releases include Dick Francis's COMEBACK
5 (making available) [of documents] publicación (f); [of funds] cesión (f)
/he called for the release of classified government documents/ detailing US actions in the war his relatives finally agreed to the release of his private papers the Secretary of State might yet claim public interest immunity to block the release of the papers the Old Bailey judge ordered the release of documents kept secret by public interest immunity the release of funds for the project is being held up the Government announced a month later the release of one million pounds negotiations are continuing over the release of the body
6 (emission) [of gas, smoke] escape (m); emisión (f); [of hormones] secreción (f)
a sudden release of creative energy un estallido de energía creadora
a sudden release of gas facilities had been designed to minimize the release of toxic gases the release of radioactivity into the environment relaxation encourages the release of endorphins the harmless release of rebellious spirits the reported release of a missile over the Indian Ocean
7 (Téc) (Fot) (catch) disparador (m)
8 (Jur) [of right, property] cesión (f)
transitive verb
1 (set free) [+prisoner, hostage] poner en libertad; liberar; [+convict] excarcelar; poner en libertad; [+patient] dar de alta; [+victim] (from wreckage) liberar; [+animal] soltar; dejar en libertad; [+person] (from obligation) eximir
she was released from hospital after treatment le dieron de alta del hospital después de un tratamiento; they released him to go to a new post permitieron que se fuera a ocupar un nuevo puesto; to release sb from a debt eximir a algn de una deuda; condonar una deuda a algn (formal); she released him from all his vows lo eximió de cumplir todas sus promesas; the bird was released into the wild el pájaro fue devuelto a su hábitat natural
he was released from custody the next day he announced that 150 prisoners would be released in the next few days the two hostages were eventually released police questioned three men but released them without charge they had just been released from prison he is expected to be released from hospital today can you release him for a few hours each week? my boss released me from work to do the course rescuers fought to release trapped drivers fifty-five foxes were released from a fur farm by animal rights activists I asked them to release me from the contract this releases them from personal responsibility divorce releases both the husband and wife from all marital obligations to each other he was under contract to the Rank Organisation, which refused to release him they demanded that all conscripts serving in the army should be released from duty she released him from the promise he had made so many years ago I felt that his betrayal released me from any obligation to keep the secret death released him from pain education released him from the poverty of his youth this releases the teacher to work with individuals who are having extreme difficulty
2 (issue) [+film] estrenar; [+record, video] sacar; poner a la venta; [+book] publicar; [+news, report, information, statement] hacer público; dar a conocer
the police have released the names of the victims la policía ha hecho públicos or dado a conocer los nombres de las víctimas
Paramount Pictures planned to release the film before Christmas the film was recently released on video the band have just released their sixth album he is releasing an album of love songs they've just released the single on CD when the book was released last month, the media picked up on certain statements contained in it allegations of spying in a soon-to-be released book by an ex-Los Angeles cop figures released yesterday show sales are down the charity released a report criticising the government's housing policy the president's office released the text of a letter he wrote to Prime Minister they're not releasing any more details yet the Opposition released a statement denouncing the move as despicable police have released no information about the suspect they have just released the findings of their survey
3 (make available) [+documents] facilitar; [+funds] facilitar; ceder
they are refusing to release her passport we must have certain guarantees before the money is released the President refused to release the funds to pay for the additional benefits it will be a while before the police release the body
4 (emit) [+gas, smoke, heat, energy] despedir; emitir; [+hormones] secretar; segregar
a weapon which releases toxic nerve gas it came quite close to releasing radioactivity into the environment the Richter scale measures the energy released by an earthquake the contraction of muscles uses energy and releases heat the drug is surgically implanted into a woman's arm where it gradually releases the hormones into the body toxic chemicals released by the burning of building materials the sachet dissolves, releasing the contents the adrenal gland releases adrenalin into the bloodstream
5 (let go) [+sb's hand, arm] soltar; (Téc) [+spring, clasp, catch] soltar; (Fot) [+shutter] disparar
he waited until they were all smiling before she released the shutter I ran to the door and released the catch he showed them the clasp underneath which released the lid as soon as you release the button, the camcorder switches back to record he pressed the clip to release his harness we had to release the bombs at a height of 400 meters from the water's surface Chinese planes released their bombs directly overhead the twisting action before a bowler releases the ball he quickly released her hand he stopped and faced her, releasing her wrist released from his chains, Hawkins sat down next to his lawyer
to release one's grip or hold (on sth/sb): he released his grip on my arm me soltó el brazo; the state has to release its hold on the economy el estado tiene que soltar las riendas de la economía
I bit him to make him release his grip Britain's biggest trade union warned yesterday it would not release its grip on the Labour Party without a fight
6 (let out, give vent to) [+anger, frustration] descargar; dar rienda suelta a; [+creativity] sacar a flote; [+memories] desatar; desencadenar; [+tension] relajar
your book has released a flood of memories tu libro ha desatado or desencadenado una lluvia de recuerdos
I personally don't want to release my anger on anyone else enraged Black activists released their frustration outside the local police station becoming your own person releases your creativity humour is wonderful for releasing tension
7 (Aut) [+brake] soltar
Wade released the hand brake and pulled away from the curb
8 (Jur) [+right, property] ceder
when lenders won't release property, owners must locate new financing she opened the car door by pressing the release button there is a release button to press when removing the battery Allen has brought forward the release date of his new film between the end of shooting and the film's release date can you tell me if there is a release date yet for the Fall's new album? Edelman wrote the book and planned its release date for Mother's Day my first possible release date is 1995 all guests must sign a standard release form the hospital where she was taken required the parents of a child who was in intensive care to be available immediately in case a release form for surgery had to be signed /many victims/ of violence who file civil actions to recover damages /are required to sign release forms/, allowing the defense to look into any previous mental or physical condition they may have had after nine laps I came in to have the gear release mechanism attended to they oiled and adjusted the release mechanism on the trapdoor until it worked perfectly ice could freeze up the aircraft's torpedo release mechanisms he was almost speechless with gratitude as he signed his daughter's release papers the court adjourned for Judith to sign the release papers two dance sequences were shot but none turned up in the release print two of Garland's solos were deemed wanting and excised from the release print the release valve in a steam locomotive going to football matches became a kind of release valve for him
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