transitive verb
1. (to feel remorse for) 
Have you ever regretted selling the house?¿Alguna vez te has arrepentido de haber vendido la casa?
2. (to be sorry about) 
a. lamentar 
We regret to inform you that you have not been selected for this position.Lamentamos informarle que no ha sido seleccionado para este puesto.
3. (remorse) 
She confessed, not without regret, that she had lied to him.Confesó, no sin arrepentimiento, haberle mentido.
4. (sorrow) 
a. el pesar (M) 
The minister accepted his letter of resignation with regret.El ministro aceptó con pesar su carta de dimisión.
plural noun
5. (apologies) 
He sent his regrets, but he was unable to attend.Presentó sus excusas, pero no le era posible asistir.
1. (remorse) 
a. el remordimiento (M) 
2. (sadness) 
a. el pesar (M) 
she sent her regretsmandó sus disculpas or excusas
transitive verb
3. (general) 
a. sentir, lamentar 
to regret doing or having done somethingarrepentirse de or lamentar haber hecho algo
I regret to (have to) inform you that…siento (tener que) comunicarte que…
regret [rɪˈɡret]
1 (sorrow) pena (f); pesar (m)
she accepted his resignation with regret aceptó su dimisión con pena or pesar; the President expressed his regret for the deaths of civilians el presidente expresó su pesar or dolor por las muertes de los civiles; my one or only regret is that I didn't see her before she died lo único que siento or lamento es no haberla visto antes de que muriera
my great regret in life is that I didn't bring home the America's Cup there was a note of regret in his voice we informed them with regret of our decision to [express] (one's) regret he expressed no regret [at] [over] Roy's death Egypt's president yesterday expressed regret over the assassination the Chinese foreign ministry statement also expresses regret over President Bush's decision they expressed regret at the news of his departure today he issued a statement expressing profound regret over the reports of civilian deaths he expressed his regret [that] such action had been necessary the Soviet Union expressed regret that the situation could not be settled by peaceful menas to [feel] regret
I felt no regret at giving up my work no sentí dejar el trabajo
I felt regret at being obliged to destroy him
much to my regret to my great regret con gran pesar mío
they left soon after midnight, to the obvious regret of everybody present
2 (remorse) remordimiento(s) (m)
; (p)
I felt a pang of regret me entraron remordimientos; I have no regrets no me arrepiento de nada
Lillee said he had no regrets about retiring
3 regrets (excuses) excusas (f); disculpas (f)
he said to [give] you his regrets
to send one's regrets excusarse or mandar sus disculpas (por no poder acudir)
Edward and Verity had sent regrets, and a modest present for the christening
transitive verb
1 (apologize for, be sorry for) [+death, inconvenience, error] lamentar
we regret any inconvenience caused by the delay lamentamos cualquier inconveniente que les pueda haber causado el retraso; it is to be regretted that he did not act sooner lo lamentable es que no actuó antes
the newspaper published a statement regretting the error "I very much regret the injuries he sustained," he said the spokesman said /the army deeply regretted the boy's death/ and that the circumstances would be investigated the authorities said that /they regretted the incident/, and that it would not happen again the army regretted the civilian deaths to regret [(that)] ... I regret that I cannot come to your party
the President regrets (that) he cannot see you today el presidente lamenta or siente no poder verle hoy
I regret that the United States has added its voice to such protests we regret that letters cannot be answered personally the notice said "Dr Beamish has a cold and regrets he cannot meet his classes today"
we regret to inform you that ... lamentamos tener que informarle que ...; her lack of co-operation is nothing new, I regret to say lamento decir que su falta de cooperación no es algo nuevo
later, I regret to say, rents went up I regret to say that he died soon afterwards I regret to inform you he died as a consequence of his injuries
we regret having to do this, but it is necessary lamentamos or sentimos tener que hacer esto, pero es necesario
he says he regrets having to go to court but has no other option "we regret having to reduce staff numbers but we need to remain competitive," said the Personnel Director
he regretted what had happened lamentó lo ocurrido
2 (rue) [+decision] arrepentirse de; lamentar
you won't regret it! ¡no te arrepentirás!; ¡no lo lamentarás!
I simply gave in to him, and I've regretted it ever since I immediately regretted my decision later he would regret that remark bitterly I don't regret anything I've done
he regrets saying it se arrepiente de or lamenta haberlo dicho
five years later she regrets having given up her home I regret wasting my youth afterwards he regretted having told them about it
he was regretting that he had asked the question se arrepentía de or lamentaba haber hecho la pregunta; I don't regret what I did no me arrepiento de or lamento lo que hice
he regretted what he had said
to live to regret sth arrepentirse de or lamentar algo más tarde
you may live to regret it
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