put together

put together
transitive verb phrase
1. (to assemble) 
a. armar 
The parts arrived yesterday, but it will take a week to put the machine together.Las partes llegaron ayer, pero armar la máquina va a llevar una semana.
b. montar 
It took me a year to put together the model of the Enterprise.Tardé un año para montar el modelo de la Enterprise.
c. reunir 
Ed put together a collection of photos from every Super Bowl game to date.Ed reunió una colección de fotos de todos los partidos del Super Bowl hasta la fecha.
2. (to create) 
a. preparar 
I'm contemplating whether to put something together for dinner, or to just order Chinese food.Estoy pensando si preparo algo para la cena, o si pido comida china.
b. armar 
The team of reporters put together an informative summary of this week's events in Iowa.El equipo de reporteros armó un resumen informativo de los eventos de esta semana en Iowa.
c. reunir 
The new coach put together a stellar team this year.El nuevo entrenador reunió un equipo estelar este año.
d. hacer 
I have about five minutes to put something together for my lunch.Tengo unos cinco minutos para hacerme algo de comer para el almuerzo.
e. producir 
The staff put the magazine's first edition together in under a week.El personal produjo la primera edición de la revista en menos de una semana.
3. (to place together) 
a. juntar 
Luisa put her hands together and prayed for her grandfather to recover.Luisa juntó las manos y oró para que su abuelo se recuperara.
4. (to formulate) 
a. elaborar 
The board met to put together an action plan for the year.El consejo se reunió para elaborar un plan de acción para el año.
5. (added up) 
a. juntos 
Emma makes more sense than the rest of the candidates put together.Emma sola hace más sentido que el resto de los candidatos juntos.
put together
transitive verb phrase
1. (machine, furniture) 
a. montar 
2. (file, report, meal, team) 
a. confeccionar 
she's more intelligent than the rest of them put togetherella es más lista que todos los demás juntos
3. (fig) 
a. no direct translation 
to p two and two togetheratar cabos
put together
transitive verb
1 (place together) poner juntos; juntar
put your feet together pon los pies juntos; junta los pies
He put his hands together in front of his face in an attitude of prayer put your feet together, hands by your sides
don't put those two together, they fight no pongas a esos dos juntos que se pelean
never put two hamsters together in one cage
if all the cigars in the world were put together end to end si se unieran uno tras otro todos los puros del mundo; put your hands together now for ... démosle una calurosa bienvenida a ...
she's worth more than all the others put together vale más que todos los demás juntos
it's more important than all the other factors put together
2 (assemble) [+model kit, piece of furniture] armar; montar; [+meal] preparar; [+collection] juntar; reunir; [+team] reunir; formar
he took it apart piece by piece and put it back together again lo desmontó pieza a pieza y lo volvió a montar otra vez
I can put a meal together from what's in the fridge
the furniture had been put together out of old crates habían hecho los muebles con viejos cajones de embalaje
he is trying to put a team together for next season I like to know how it's put together
3 (formulate) [+plan, scheme] formular; preparar; [+publication] preparar
he called us into his office to put together a plan to deal with the crisis We wouldn't have time to put together an agreement Reports speak of Bonn putting together an aid package for Moscow we got to work on putting the book together
she put together a convincing defence of her client preparó una defensa de su cliente muy convincente; he can't even put two sentences together no sabe ni siquiera enhilar dos frases seguidas; I need a few minutes to put my thoughts together necesito unos minutos para pensarme las cosas un poco
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