transitive verb
1. (to chase) 
a. perseguir 
We found ourselves being pursued by a herd of cows.Nos dimos cuenta que nos perseguía una manada de vacas.
2. (to proceed with) 
a. proseguir (studies) 
After graduating, I would like to pursue my studies in Germany.Una vez que termine la carrera, me gustaría proseguir mis estudios en Alemania.
b. seguir (policy) 
They pursued a policy of repression against dissenters.Siguieron una política de represión contra los disidentes.
c. continuar con (inquiries or official investigation) 
It is unlikely that the police will pursue the investigation.Es poco probable que la policía continúe con la investigación.
3. (to strive towards) 
a. luchar por (an objective or rights) 
We felt we were pursuing a common goal.Sentimos que luchábamos por un objetivo común.
b. buscar (knowledge or happiness) 
I'd like to pursue knowledge for its own sake, not for a degree.Me gustaría buscar el saber porque sí, y no para conseguir un título.
4. (profession) 
He did not wish to pursue law.No quería dedicarse a la abogacía.
b. ejercer 
She gave up acting to pursue medicine.Dejó el teatro para ejercer medicina.
transitive verb
1. (person, animal) 
a. perseguir 
2. (pleasure, knowledge, happiness) 
a. buscar 
3. (studies, inquiry) 
a. proseguir, continuar 
4. (course of action) 
a. seguir 
5. (profession) 
a. ejercer 
pursue [pəˈsjuː]
transitive verb
1 (chase) perseguir; seguir
they were being pursued by enemy planes los aviones enemigos los perseguían or los seguían; she was often pursued by fans a menudo la perseguían or la acosaban sus admiradores; he has been pursued by bad luck all his life se ha visto perseguido por la mala suerte toda su vida
the police pursued the wrong car the thieves fled, hotly pursued by a group of young men she pursued the man who had stolen a woman's bag they headed west along the M62 towards Liverpool pursued by police she said she was relentlessly pursued by her boss
2 (engage in) [+interests, career] dedicarse a; [+studies, war, talks] proseguir; [+profession] ejercer; dedicarse a
he spent far too much time pursuing his own interests it became harder for women married to diplomats to pursue their own interests his wealth enabled him to pursue his passionate interest in art she came to England to pursue an acting career her marriage made it impossible for her to pursue her filmmaking career girls are often discouraged from pursuing careers in science though he wished to be a politician, that career was limited for a Jew in the nineteenth century so /he pursued medicine/ why does any son of a famous sporting father pursue the same profession? I arrived in the capital city to pursue graduate studies in history his health improved sufficiently for him to be able to pursue his studies again the war was being pursued for purely economic reasons he wants to pursue peace talks with the Palestinians the European Community had planned to pursue talks with Iraq
3 (continue with) [+course of action] seguir; [+policy, reform] aplicar
he had been pursuing his own inquiries había estado haciendo sus propias averiguaciones; we have decided not to pursue the matter further hemos decidido no seguir adelante con el asunto
the defendant pursued the case to the high court I didn't think the story was worth pursuing several papers pursue this theme in their editorial columns he said Japan would continue to pursue the policies laid down at the London summit Lyttleton pursued a policy of peace and order they were aggressively pursuing a policy of self-sufficiency in energy he intends to pursue his reforms vigorously the implication seems to be that /it is impossible to pursue economic reform and democracy simultaneously/ if your original request is denied, don't be afraid to pursue the matter they both knew that nothing was to be gained by pursuing the matter the police were pursuing every lead I realised it was no use pursuing that line of questioning the police were deep into investigations, and inquiries were being pursued it was clear that pursuing this line of thought would be problematic France could pursue an independent course between the Soviet and American superpowers had he pursued a different course things might have turned out better
4 (strive for) [+aim, objective, peace] luchar por; [+happiness, pleasure] buscar; [+success, fame] perseguir; buscar; [+rights] reivindicar
he is aggressively pursuing new business the army continued to pursue its goals using military force there will always be those in the world who pursue their goals through force and violence these are the objectives which businesses should seek to pursue Stalin was pursuing similar goals everyone has a right to pursue their own happiness they each pursued happiness according to a unique set of aspirations she hopes to go to Harvard Law School and pursue her dream of being a Supreme Court judge the idea of pursuing fame in the music business just didn't make sense to her we plan to pursue our legal rights in the courts ordinary people are more determined to pursue the rights they have been given by Parliament people weren't as aggressive about pursuing their rights Syria and Iran have come to agreement on pursuing peace together
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