transitive verb
1. (to tip) 
a. verter 
Pour the milk into the saucepan.Vierte la leche en la olla.
b. echar 
Don't pour any more water into the tub.No le eches más agua a la tina.
2. (to serve) 
a. servir 
Can you pour some more wine, please?¿Puedes servir más vino, por favor?
3. (to invest; used with "into") 
The company poured three million dollars into the proyect.La empresa invirtió tres millones de dólares en el proyecto.
intransitive verb
4. (to stream; used with "from" or "out") 
a. fluir de 
Blood started to pour from the wound on his leg.La sangre empezó a fluir de la herida en su pierna.
b. salir de 
There was black smoke pouring out of the kitchen.Un humo negro salía de la cocina.
c. brotar de 
Water began to pour from the well.El agua empezó a brotar del pozo.
5. (to serve) 
a. servir 
Do you want me to pour?¿Quieres que sirva?
impersonal verb
6. (to rain) 
a. diluviar 
I hate going out when it's pouring.Odio salir cuando está diluviando.
It's pouring out there, so drive carefully.Está lloviendo a cántaros, así que maneja con cuidado.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. verter 
to pour somebody a drinkservir una bebida a alguien
to pour money into a projectinvertir un dineral en un proyecto
intransitive verb
2. (general) 
a. brotar, fluir 
it's pouring (with rain)llueve a cántaros
sweat was pouring off himle chorreaba el sudor
tourists were pouring into the palaceentraban al palacio turistas a espuertas
pour [pɔːʳ]
transitive verb
1 (serve) servir
shall I pour the tea? ¿sirvo el té?
to pour sb a drink pour a drink for sb servir una copa a algn
he poured Ellen a glass of wine would you pour me another glass of champagne, please? she asked Tillie to pour her a cup of coffee
he poured himself some coffee se sirvió café
2 (tip) [+liquid] verter; echar; [+salt, powder] echar
I poured the milk down the sink vertí or eché la leche por el fregadero
he poured some wine into a glass vertió or echó un poco de vino en un vaso
to pour metal/wax [into] a mould
pour the sauce over the meat vierta or eche la salsa sobre la carne
pour a pool of sauce on two plates and arrange the meat neatly Francis poured a generous measure of the whisky into a fresh glass she poured the salt into the pot she looked as if she had been poured into her dress > she had poured herself into a tight pair of jeans
3 (invest)
they are pouring millions into the Olympics están invirtiendo millones en las Olimpiadas
to pour money into a project invertir grandes cantidades de dinero en un proyecto; we can't go on pouring money into this project no podemos seguir invirtiendo ese caudal en este proyecto
to pour [money] into sth I was pouring time and energy into this project the Government continues to pour billions of pounds into its massive road-building programme the government has been pouring money into loss-making industries
intransitive verb
1 (serve) servir
shall I pour? ¿sirvo?
2 (tip)
this teapot doesn't pour very well es difícil servir con esta tetera
3 (flow)
water was pouring down the walls el agua caía a raudales por las paredes
tears poured down his face las lágrimas le resbalaban por la cara
water poured from the broken pipe el agua salía a raudales de la tubería rota
blood poured from the wound la sangre salía a borbotones de la herida
water came pouring into the room el agua entraba a raudales en el cuarto
the sweat was pouring off him sudaba a chorros
a second major eruption sent more lava pouring down the mountainside sweat poured in rivulets down his back heavy oil has been pouring from the stricken vessel
4 (Metal)
it's pouring (with rain) está lloviendo a cántaros; está diluviando
it poured for 4 days in London it poured all the time it was absolutely pouring with rain
smoke, people, things
smoke was pouring from the window grandes bocanadas de humo salían de la ventana
there was dense smoke pouring from all four engines
passionate German prose poured from her lips apasionadas palabras de prosa alemana le brotaban de los labios
refugees poured into the country entraban grandes cantidades de refugiados en el país
sunshine poured into the room el sol entraba a raudales en la habitación
they came pouring into the shop
cars poured off the ferry muchísimos coches salían del transbordador
cars are pouring off the assembly lines grandes cantidades de coches están saliendo de las cadenas de montaje
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