Usage note
This word may also be spelled “organise.”
transitive verb
1. (to put in order) 
a. organizar 
I organized all my books by category. Organicé todos mis libros por categoría.
I went up to organize the attic and I got dirty.Subí al ático para organizarlo y me ensucié.
b. ordenar 
We are going to organize our garage this weekend. Vamos a ordenar el garaje este fin de semana.
2. (to coordinate) 
a. organizar 
The university students are organizing a speech contest.Los alumnos de carrera están organizando un concurso de discursos.
3. (to unionize) 
a. sindicar 
Sally is organizing the workers in the hospitality industry. Sally está sindicando a los trabajadores de la industria hotelera.
intransitive verb
4. (to unionize) 
The company owners don't want the workers to organize. Los dueños de la empresa no quieren que los trabajadores se organicen.
Management has said that it will fire those attempting to organize. Los gerentes han dicho que despedirán a quienes intenten sindicarse.
5. (to arrange) 
a. organizar 
The teachers have organized for the students to meet a famous astrophysicist. Los maestros lo han organizado para que los alumnos puedan conocer a un astrofísico famoso.
transitive verb
1. (general) 
a. organizar 
they organized accommodation for mese encargaron de buscarme alojamiento
intransitive verb
2. (workers) 
a. organizarse 
3. (form union) 
a. constituirse en sindicato 
organize [ˈɔːɡənaɪz]
transitive verb
1 (arrange) [+event, activity] organizar
they organized demonstrations against the closures organizaron manifestaciones en contra de los cierres; can you organize some food for us? ¿puedes encargarte de nuestra comida?; I will organize transport yo me encargaré del transporte
they organized things for me to go to London the activities are organized around particular themes he couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery the initial mobilization was well organized the way in which the army is organized abortion rights advocates are raising money, organizing demonstrations they are organizing a conference on the subject volunteers organized the distribution of food summer camps for children are organized in Europe the London workshops are organized by Val Smith
2 (put in order)
she tried to organize her thoughts intentó ordenar or poner en orden sus pensamientos; she organizes her time very well administra muy bien su tiempo; se organiza muy bien (el tiempo); she's always organizing people siempre le está diciendo a la gente qué hacer; stop trying to organize my life deja de intentar organizar mi vida
I'm sure you don't need me to organize you she tried to organize her scattered thoughts he organized the children into groups /we simply weren't organized [for] such a huge response/ to the appeal, to the advert etc
to get (o.s.) organized organize o.s. organizarse
she couldn't seem to get herself organized now then, let's get you organized get organized and get going Chantal would go to Paris first, get settled and organized in her work, then send for her daughter Devereaux gets the men organized for the day's work the food distribution effort is getting organized I could see it would take them some time to get organized to organize [o.s.] you cannot organise other people unless you can organise yourself you have a good memory but you have problems organizing yourself you very soon learn to organize yourself so that there's a well-stocked larder he and some friends organized themselves into a cooperative
3 (Ind) sindicar; organizar en sindicatos
helping to organize women working abroad the idea of farm workers being able to organize themselves into a union
intransitive verb
1 (make arrangements) organizar
we have organized for every eventuality lo hemos organizado todo para cualquier eventualidad; he's organized for us to meet the director lo ha organizado para que nos reunamos con el director
planning and organizing for social change NATO decided to organize for the possibility that it might have to defend them they have to decide how they are going to organize for the future
2 (Ind) sindicarse
it's the first time farmers have decided to organize all they are demanding is the right to organize and to have trade unions recognized to organize [against] sth blacks were organizing against white minority rule in Louisville (1837) carpenters organized against the tyrannical oppression of employers only when they get together with other workers can they organize against capitalism
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