meet with

meet with
transitive verb phrase
1. (to experience) 
If we meet with any difficulties along the way, we'll give you a call.Si nos encontramos con alguna dificultad por el camino, te llamaremos.
b. tener 
All of Yolanda's restaurants have met with tremendous success.Todos los restaurantes de Yolanda han tenido tremendo éxito.
c. sufrir (accident) 
The bus met with a horrible accident on the mountain.El autobús sufrió un terrible accidente en la montaña.
d. ocurrir (intransitive verb) 
We want to have someone along who knows first aid in case we should meet with an accident.Queremos que vaya alguien que sepa primeros auxilios por si nos ocurriera algún accidente.
2. (to see socially) 
I'm meeting with some friends for drinks after work. Do you want to join?Quedé con unos amigos para una copa después del trabajo. ¿Te animas?
Are you meeting with Janet tomorrow?¿Vas a encontrarte con Janet mañana?
3. (to have a meeting with) 
Tomas and Jimena are meeting with their financial advisor tomorrow.Tomás y Jimena se van a reunir mañana con su asesor financiero.
4. (to encounter; often used in passive voice) 
a. recibir 
The news was met with anything but excitement.La noticia no fue recibida con mucha alegría que digamos.
b. encontrar 
Wendy's suggestion met wih unanimous rejection.La sugerencia de Wendy encontró un rechazo unánime.
meet with
transitive verb phrase
1. (danger, difficulty) 
a. encontrarse con 
2. (success) 
a. tener 
3. (accident) 
a. sufrir 
to m with failureresultar un fracaso
to m with refusalser recibido(a) con rechazo
meet with
intransitive verb
1 (experience) [+hostility] experimentar; [+difficulties] encontrarse con; tropezar con; [+kindness] encontrarse con; [+accident] tener; sufrir; [+success] tener
we hope the idea meets with your approval esperamos que la idea reciba su aprobación; the idea met with a cool response la idea fue acogida or recibida con frialdad; efforts to contact her met with no response los esfuerzos para ponerse en contacto con ella fracasaron; attempts to find them have met with failure los intentos de encontrarlos han fracasado
they often met with hostility when they asked too many questions we haven't met with any problems so far they met with so many difficulties in trying to get the project approved, they eventually gave up it's not often one meets with such kindness he met with an accident the French request has met with a skeptical response from the US Treasury efforts to commercialize the Russian space programme have met with success
2 especially (US) [+person] (by arrangement) quedarse con; verse con; (by chance) encontrarse con; tropezarse con; (formally) reunirse con; [+politician, ambassador] entrevistarse con; reunirse con
the counsellor will meet with the patient and a family member he's had to go to Denver to meet with a new client Baker plans to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir today most of the lawyers who met with the President yesterday said they backed the mission
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