transitive verb
1. (to introduce) 
a. lanzar 
Microsoft launched the new Windows 10 this week.Microsoft lanzó el nuevo Windows 10 esta semana.
2. (to send off) 
a. lanzar (rocket) 
Argentina launched a rocket carrying a satellite.Argentina lanzó un cohete que llevaba un satélite.
b. botar (vessel) 
The country launched a total of 35 warships during the war.El país botó un total de 35 buques de guerra durante la guerra.
3. (to initiate) 
a. lanzar 
The presidential candidate launched his campaign in his home town.El candidato presidencial lanzó su campaña en su ciudad natal.
b. emprender 
The police decided to launch an investigation for illegal possession of firearms.La policía decidió emprender una investigación por posesión ilegal de armas.
c. fundar 
Three college students launched the company in 1999.Tres estudiantes universitarios fundaron la compañía en 1999.
4. (to throw) 
a. lanzar 
The boy launched a stone from his slingshot.El niño lanzó una piedra con su honda.
5. (to issue) 
a. emitir 
Both corporations and financial institutions launched asset-backed securities.Tanto las empresas como las instituciones financieras emitieron títulos respaldados por activos.
intransitive verb
6. (to begin enthusiastically; used with "into") 
a. no direct translation 
My father launched into his time in the army when I mentioned Vietnam.Mi padre se puso a contar sobre su época en el ejército cuando mencioné Vietnam.
The right-wing candidate launched into an attack on socialism and Marxism.El candidato de derecha se puso a despotricar contra el socialismo y el marxismo.
7. (introduction) 
At the launch of the new smartphone, we also announced a new tablet.En el lanzamiento del nuevo teléfono inteligente también anunciamos una nueva tableta.
8. (act of sending off) 
a. el lanzamiento (M) (rocket) 
The launch of the rocket was delayed due to bad weather conditions.El lanzamiento del cohete fue retrasado debido al mal clima.
b. la botadura (F) (vessel) 
The prince attended the launch of the HMS Godfrey.El príncipe asistió a la botadura del buque HMS Godfrey.
9. (creation) 
I've been the president of the company since its launch.Soy el presidente de la empresa desde su fundación.
10. (nautical) 
a. la lancha (F) 
Are my parents on the cruise ship already? - No, they're waiting to get into the launch.¿Mis padres ya están en el crucero? - No. Están esperando para subirse a la lancha.
11. (related to a launch) 
Place the rocket on the launch pad and attach the controller to the igniter.Coloca el cohete sobre la plataforma de lanzamiento y conecta el controlador al detonador.
1. (boat) 
a. la lancha (F) 
2. (act of launching; of ship) 
a. la botadura (F) 
3. (of rocket, product) 
a. el lanzamiento (M) 
launch padplataforma de lanzamiento
transitive verb
4. (ship) 
a. botar 
5. (rocket, product) 
a. lanzar 
6. (business, inquiry) 
a. emprender 
to launch somebody on a careermarcar el inicio de la carrera de alguien
launch [lɔːntʃ]
1 (boat) lancha (f)
Miraculously, a police launch happened to be passing
motor launch lancha (f) motora
He came cruising downriver in a motor launch
2 (act) [of ship] botadura (f)
the launch of a ship is a big occasion
[of lifeboat, rocket, satellite] lanzamiento (m)
This morning's launch of the new space shuttle has been delayed
(introduction) [of campaign, product, book] lanzamiento (m)
...the launch of a campaign to restore law and order The official launch of the project was announced at the recent Awards ceremony in London ...the successful launch of a new product The newspaper was already selling millions of copies just one year after the launch British Airways has broken new ground with the launch of a new service to Taipei
[of film, play] estreno (m); [of company] creación (f); fundación (f); [of shares] emisión (f)
he's in London for the launch of his TV documentary I am delighted to be here at the launch of this play the increasing demands of my TV work and the launch of a new production company mean that ...
transitive verb
1 (lit) [+ship] botar
this [ship] was launched two years ago
[+lifeboat] echar al mar; [+rocket, missile, satellite] lanzar
A Delta II rocket was launched from Cape Canaveral early this morning The first missiles have been launched NASA plans to launch a satellite to study cosmic rays
2 (introduce) [+campaign, product, book, attack] lanzar
the government has launched a massive literacy campaign The police have launched an investigation into the incident Guerrilla [attacks] were launched against the police and military barracks... Heavy fighting has been going on after the guerrillas had launched their offensive Mr Gorbachev was on holiday when the coup was launched The new range of [products] launched last autumn is already selling well... Marks & Spencer recently hired model Linda Evangelista to launch its new range
[+film, play] estrenar
A magazine called `The Week" was launched in January 1964.
[+company] crear; fundar; [+shares] emitir
3 (start)
to launch sb [as]
it was this novel that really launched him as a writer fue esta novela la que lo lanzó a la fama como escritor
the film launched her as a Hollywood star
to launch sb on his/her way iniciar a algn en su carrera; once he's launched on that subject we'll never stop him en cuanto se ponga a hablar de ese tema no habrá forma de pararlo
4 (hurl)
to launch o.s. at sth/sb abalanzarse or arrojarse sobre algo/algn
He launched himself at me like a battering-ram, still crouched he launched himself at the door, trying to batter it down Canete launched himself at them, knocking Sabrina to the ground For a moment he thought the sergeant was going to burst out of his Gaultier jacket and launch himself at him
to launch o.s. into sth meterse de lleno en algo; entregarse a algo
Geoff has launched himself into fatherhood with great enthusiasm
intransitive verb
to launch into sth: she launched into a long speech about patriotism se puso a soltar or empezó un largo discurso sobre el patriotismo; he launched into an attack on the president emprendió un ataque contra el presidente; se puso a despotricar contra el presidente; then the chorus launches into the national anthem entonces el coro la emprende con el himno nacional
He launched into a tirade against Press barons She launched into an impassioned speech about what a wonderful husband and father John was It did not seem the time or place to launch into an explanation of
launch attempt (n) intento (m) de lanzamiento
It's not known when another launch attempt will be made
launch date (n) fecha (f) prevista para el lanzamiento
NASA has announced a new launch date Only when that's done will a new launch time be set
launch pad (n) rampa (f) or plataforma (f) de lanzamiento; rampa (f) or plataforma (f) de lanzamiento; trampolín (m)
Wimbledon has been a launch pad for so many players
launch party (n) (Comm) (Media) fiesta (f) de lanzamiento
the launch party for his first novel
launch site (n) lugar (m) del lanzamiento
...bad weather at the launch site No private entrepreneur looks likely to spend the billions of dollars a new launch system will cost
launch vehicle (n) lanzadera (f)
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