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sustantivo (pl keys)
1. llave (f) (of door); cuerda (f) (of clock, mechanical toy); tecla (f) (of piano, typewriter); clave (f) llave (f) (to problem, situation)
  • the key to happiness/success la clave de la felicidad/del éxito
2. clave (f) (answers, guide) (of map); respuestas (f pl) (to exercises)
3. tono (m) (Mus)
  • major/minor key tono mayor/menor
  • the key of C la clave de do
  • to be off key estar desafinado(a)
4. clave (most important)
key [kiː]
1 (to door, safe, car etc) llave (f); (can-opener) abridor (m); abrelatas (m)
2 [of typewriter, piano] tecla (f); [of wind instrument] llave (f); pistón (m)
3 (to code) clave (f)
the key to success la clave del éxito
4 (to map, diagram) explicación (f) de los signos convencionales
5 (Mús) clave (f)
what key is it in? ¿en qué clave está?; in the key of C en clave de do; to change key cambiar de tonalidad; to sing/play off key cantar/tocar desafinado; major/minor key tono (m) mayor/menor
(crucial) [+issue, job, role, witness] clave
; (a)
he is a key figure in the negotiations es una figura clave en las negociaciones; all the key positions in the company are held by men todos los puestos clave de la compañía están ocupados por hombres
to play a key [role]
transitive verb
(Comput) (Tip) (also key in) (also key up) teclear
key card (n) (for hotel room) tarjeta (f) de acceso
Prosecutors allege that Mr. Cherif illegally entered the bank, using a key card he kept after being fired
key money (n) entrada (f)
key ring (n) llavero (m)
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